7 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning inside your living space or workplace keeps things comfortable by maintaining the indoor temperatures and air quality. This is the reason why you must make sure that your air conditioner is always working in top shape. While efficiency matters a lot in terms of the comfort level and air quality, it also has a key impact on power bills. There are some blunders that you need to avoid to ensure that your air conditioner delivers efficiency, effectiveness, and safety at all times. Here is a list of mistakes that you must absolutely steer clear of.

Mistake #1: You are not changing the filters regularly

The most common yet problematic mistake that people make with air conditioners is not changing the filters regularly. Ideally, you need to change them every three months or even earlier if the unit runs all the time. Not doing so can result in poor flow. It can even cause the evaporator coil to freeze. What’s more, you may experience a surge in the electricity bills without knowing the exact reason! Another reason why you must replace the filters on time is that a dirty filter can shorten the lifespan of the system.

Mistake #2: Not having a programmable thermostat

Don’t even think of saving some dollars by not investing in a programmable thermostat because of it something essential. A programmable thermostat needs not to be adjusted when you go out. It changes the settings automatically, which means that you can cut down on electricity bills by saving power when you are out. You can even invest in a smart thermostat that you can operate remotely with a mobile app. Smart technology is fast emerging as a popular one for managing air conditioning in homes and commercial establishments.

Mistake #3: Setting the thermostat too low

If you are tempted to set the thermostat too low, don’t do it because it can elevate your bills massively. The truth is that you can cut down your air conditioning bill up to 3% for every single degree of temperature you raise. So it is better to set the thermostat in a reasonably comfortable setting rather than programming it for excessive cooling. Moreover, you may even bring benefits to the environment by limiting the temperature range.

Mistake #4: Not getting annual service for your air conditioner

Another major blunder that people make with their air conditioners is not getting an annual servicing. Not only does it shortens the life span of the unit, but it hampers its effectiveness and reduces the air quality. According to Sandra Clark from AireControl.com, you should service your air system regularly to get the cleanest and healthiest air possible. Regularly in this context refers to at least once a year or even earlier in case you experience some problems.

Mistake #5: Not having the right-sized unit

Thinking that the rule of “bigger is better” applies to your air conditioner is a major mistake. You need to understand the significance of installing a perfect size for the room you want to cool. One that is too big can make the place uncomfortably cold while a smaller than optimal size will just push the electricity bills without proper cooling. Doing some research about the sizing of air conditioners before installation is a smart move. You can seek professional guidance if you are not really sure about choosing the right size.

Mistake #6: Ignoring problems and warning signs

One thing that you must absolutely not do is to ignore problems and warning signs with your air conditioners. Be vigilant about issues such as irregular cooling, leakages, and strange sounds and smells emanating from the unit. If you experience ailments such as respiratory problems and allergies, there may be something amiss. Make sure that you do not overlook them right from the first time. Timely detection and resolution of issues can prevent major breakdowns and save your dollars as well.

Mistake #7: Waiting too long to replace the system

Besides ignoring regular maintenance, not prioritizing timely replacement is another mistake to avoid. Like any other appliance or equipment, there is an average life span for air conditioners as well. An outdated unit fails to deliver optimal efficiency and causes an unprecedented rise in power bills too. Make sure that you do not run your air conditioner for more than ten years. You may even consider replacement earlier in case you come across problems.

Now that you understand the common mistakes that people make with air conditioners, you will be able to avoid them. Being vigilant and catching problems early is the best approach. Also, don’t wait for minor flaws to escalate into major issues; conversely, address them with professional help sooner rather than later.


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