Keep it Classy – Style Tips from Katarina Van Derham

Katarina Van Derham knows a thing or two about style. Growing up in Europe while also living half of her life in the US has helped her develop a good sense of style, not only in fashion but also in home-décor. Her timeless and elegant publication VIVA GLAM is a reflection of her nostalgic and progressive mind. She embraces the classic, iconic style of the silver screen era and agrees with Coco Chanel when she once said, “Every girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.”

Here she shares a few style tips for every woman looking to become classically stylish.

#1. Master eyeliner 

No matter what era we live in, eyeliner is always in and is not going anywhere. The reason why women love eyeliner so much is that if applied correctly, it lifts the eyes and creates the illusion of more youthful, sexier eyes at any age. Eyeliner works for everyone, even for those with hooded eyes. Choose the right type of eyeliner for you and master its technique. You can apply eyeliner with powder eyeshadow, gels, eye pencils, or liquid formulas.

#2. Matte lipstick without lipgloss 

Another makeup rule for looking classy is wearing the right lipstick. Creamy lipsticks are OK; they are safe in terms of looking good. But matte lipsticks can frame your lips better so your pout can look fuller. I would stay away from wearing lipgloss, which can make you look too sexy and almost trashy. Now, there is definitely a time to wear a lipgloss. Yes, it is perfect for that summer dewy makeup you like to wear out and about! But skip it for your more sophisticated looks when, for instance, you’re about to meet your future mother-in-law.

#3. Big hair trend

The minute the big-hair trend leaves, it almost immediately comes back in hairstyle. It’s because the majority of women don’t look good with flat hair. Younger women can pull it off because their facial features are still young and pointing upwards. But as women get older and their faces start sagging and their hair starts thinning out, not having enough volume in their hair will age them. Fuller hair represents youth, and you can achieve it by adding a few clip-in hairpieces or by using a hair mousse before you blow out your hair.

#4. You must own a big thick belt

Whether you have a long or a short torso, you should own a few big belts. If you have a long torso, wearing a big belt right on your waistline will make you look like a goddess. If you have a short torso, move your belt lower on your hips to create the illusion of a longer torso. In both cases, the big belt will add a very feminine, classic element to your style.

#5. Wear oversized sunglasses

This one seems easy and may even be overdone, but there is a big difference between wearing a pair of aviators and a pair of Prada cat-eye sunglasses. Wear aviators for your boho-chic style but grab a pair of cat-eye glasses for that ultimate femme fatale classic look.


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