6 tips for planning your summer getaway

With summer approaching, you might be thinking about planning the perfect summer holiday for you and your family, friends, or partner. The most important aspect here is the planning.

If you’re thinking about going away this summer, these 6 tips might just help you plan the ideal holiday for you. So, keep reading!

Set a budget

Setting a budget is key to ensuring that your holiday isn’t only enjoyable, but also affordable. Whilst it might be tempting to splurge your savings on a grand summer holiday, it’s better to be wise and realistic about your holiday budget. Take into account transport (flight tickets, petrol, etc.), accommodation, food, and the potential cost of activities as well.

Once you have a budget outlined, make sure that you stick to it! Otherwise, while you might have had an amazing holiday, once you get back home, you are hit with the consequences of breaking the bank for the holiday.

Choose a destination

Your holiday destination is a key aspect of the holiday itself, so ensure that you choose a destination that you know you will enjoy! Have a destination in mind to help you plan the rest of your holiday, instead of searching for holiday packages for several different locations. If you’re still indecisive about where to travel in the Mediterranean, why not visit multiple cities with Silversea cruises?

In fact, cruises are a great way to visit different places in one trip if you are unsure about where to go this summer. Plus, the price of a cruise ticket is all-inclusive, meaning that when you purchase a ticket, you get the fare, accommodation, entertainment, food, and drink altogether!

Shop around

Many people make the mistake of booking a holiday with the first page that they see when doing a Google search. Don’t make the same mistake! Shop around first – who knows? Maybe you’ll find an even cheaper option with the same destination on a different website. Make sure it’s a legitimate website though!

Book in advance

Planning and booking your summer holiday in advance is always a good idea, especially since the majority of people also like to book holidays during the summer. Reports have shown that you should book at least 4 months in advance before your departure date to save up to 20% for an international holiday! Meanwhile, domestic flights should be booked at least 2 months in advance for savings up to 30%.

Plan an itinerary/activities for the holiday

Once you have the most important aspects of the holiday planned (destination, flights, accommodation), then it’s time to start thinking about your holiday itinerary. This is especially essential as some tourist attractions might require pre-booked tickets, not accepting walk-ins. It’s also good to just have a general idea of what you’re going to be doing on holiday, instead of potentially wasting time on the trip trying to look for things to do.

Create a packing list

Even if your holiday is months away, a packing list can be a great organization tool to help you pack closer to the date of your trip. Remember the essentials, and check flight luggage restrictions if you’re taking a plane!

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