6 Online Free Map Maker-

Hey, what is map-making? Have you ever created your map? Yes, it is a blend of data and art. Data is the information we want to convey. Whereas, art is how we convey data. The mixture of both enables the creation of the perfect map.

With the increasing popularity of online map makers, anyone can create their map with few clicks. The following online free map maker platforms enable you to create maps quickly and easily. The features of each platform are unique, so they offer something for everyone.

Top 6free map maker to create a map without any technical expertise-


Are you looking for a terrific alternative to map point that can get your work done faster? Here are some reasons why you have to consider the tool.

  • It is cloud-based and accessible online. Meanwhile, you don’t need to install any software to enjoy their services.
  • It is compatible with all the platforms.
  • It enables you to create, view, or share your map within seconds.
  • It uses goggle’s mapping API that is popular in a majority of countries.
  • It requires zero coding language. Only copy and paste the data and the rest will be done by their smart tool.
  • It comes with advanced features and customization to gain powerful insights into your data.
  • Besides these perks, you can do a lot more by showmymap free tools.

Smart tools of showmymap-

  • Filtering tools- To get a map that highlights what you want to see.
  • Optimized direction- No more guessing, it will provide directions wherever you need to go.
  • Store locator- Make your business easy to find, so your clients will not face any difficulty dealing with you.
  • Heat maps- It shows area density with different colors as needed.
  • Customization tools- Personalize your app according to your requirements. Choose how your markers appear, colors to represent different data, etc. Make changes whenever required.

Features of ShowMyMap-

  • Easy to use- Their robust software is convenient and anyone can use it without difficulty. To enjoy their mapping tool, you need zero coding skills.
  • Powerful map tools- As a user, you get access to all of their customization tools to transform your data into a beautiful map. Creating maps by using their powerful tools, makes it easy to communicate your ideas, educate, and inform others.
  • Map customization- Any map created by using their tools can be fully customized to meet your and your audience’s expectation. Whether it is a small or large business organization you can achieve a lot through their tools. By their valuable tools, you can-

–     Customize map markets

–     Set default map opening view.

–     Select map styles.

  • Display, print, embed, and share- With showmymap, you can decide what to hide and display. You can also decide who can see your map? They can be shared privately or publicly.
  • Reliability- It is powered by Google mapping technology.


It enables users to create custom graphics, infographics, and robust help documentation. It creates conceptual maps that combine numerical data and graphics. Moreover, enables the map-maker to present multiple points in a visually appealing manner.

They offer several resources to help a user navigate the online map-making function. With this free map-maker, you can easily represent geographical areas within a project. 5 steps to make a map in visa.

–     Choose a map template and blank canvas to get started.

–     After clicking the data button, click on the world map icon below the graphs.

–     Choose continent, country, or either the world map to create your map.

–      After adding the data, a legend can be placed either above or below the map.

–      Download the map or insert it in the design you are working on.


It is a custom map creator that allows the creation of simple interactive maps. Mapme is used for a variety of industries. However, it is best for real estate, government and travel.

For real-estate, you can easily share your property information with maximum clients. Fortravel, create, and share interactive guides or post-trip round-ups. It allows you to choose different options that meet your needs from a variety of pricing structures.

Zee Maps-

It is an online service for creating custom maps. They offer more technical features than others. They can import spreadsheets and render them as the base layer of a map. Zee maps are a powerful function on the list because they feature a crowdsourcing function.

Scribble Maps-

They allow you to create, publish, embed in a document, or print a map as a hard copy. High-resolution and application programming interface makes it unique from others. Its API allows software developers and computer programmers to use scribble map tools on other websites.


Are you looking to create a beautiful informative map? If yes, then this tool is perfect for you. It extends the features of google maps so that you create maps with moving markers and lines that change over time.

When you share it with your friends, it will display like a video. This video can be paused, play or speed-up like a video game.

Importance of free map maker-

  • Maps are essential to represent the real world on a smaller scale. They help to travel from 1 location to other.
  • Maps help to recognize the information. There are many kinds of maps. The type you use depends on your needs. For example, heat, weather, direction map, and a lot more.
  • Looking for a particular store- A street map will show you roads and various locations around that road.
  • Project- A topographic map will inform about land elevation and its features.
  • For pizza delivery- A radius map can help to decide whether their delivery boy can deliver in any specific area or not?


A free map maker like showmymap is perfect for creating maps because it offers the following valuable features-

  • Easy, powerful, and intuitive.
  • Demonstrate a clear point.
  • Used to perform mapping processes without any technical knowledge.

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