5 Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day this Year

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Happy friends make a happy us. Happiness and fun is contagious among friends. Everyday is a celebration with them but calendar marks only one day to commemorate the friendship in our lives. The first Sunday of August is the day when all the youngsters are charged up to celebrate the friendship day instead of lazing away the Sunday. We all have our memories of spending a wonderful and chirpy friendship day. Going to the market a day before to buy friendship bands and cards for friends is universal all over the world. But today the tradition has uplifted and people have many other ways to make the day memorable with friends. Today the celebration can vary from small gifts and greetings to a night out on the town. Here are also some ideas or ways to help you celebrate in your own way. Let’s have a look:

Make and eat breakfast together:

As we heard it many times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it more healthy by having your best friends on board. Decide at whose place the cooking ceremony will take place and cook something good together. This is probably a great start of the day. So enjoy the morning laughs with some self made food.

Try adventure sports:

Roller coasters used to be the most adventurous thing when we were young but for grown ups these roller coasters have got newer versions where you can create memories of lifelong like parasailing, bungee jumping, river rafting or kayaking. These adventure sports give you and your pals new ideas and energy to refurbish their lives.

A karaoke night:

The nights of getting drunk are always remembered. The karaoke nights are among the growing traditions of spending a good night with friends. Standing in front of random people, singing your heart out and later laughing at each other when you get sober is a fun way to spend friendship day with friends.

Visit a place together, you both always wanted to:

There are always some places in your bookmarks where you never get a chance to visit. It might be a cafe, a restaurant, a shisha lounge, a lake or a fort. So pick a place from your common bucket list and plan for the next adventure together.

Go to a concert together:

There are many things that brings us close together and shared interests are surely among them. There are chances that you and your friend like same kind of music, so what’s better than celebrating your friendship at a concert of one of yours favorite artist.

Plan for a weekend getaway:

How long have you been craving for that weekend with your BFF away from all your routine. Perhaps the Friendship weekend of August is the best time to arrange for a trip together. If you are a bunch of friends then hire a minibus, pack some snacks and ride the roads of your destination. Traveling is the best way to strengthen the bond of your friendship.

So which option you are picking up for this friendship day. Whatever you choose from the list, it’s important to spend quality time with friends and remind them of how important they are in your life.

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