5 Virtual Activities to do with Friends


The sound of thudding club music, bustling bars, and busy restaurants seem like a distant memory. Now, in the evenings, most of us shove on tracksuits, order a takeaway, and watch a comforting sitcom. Then we spend our time reminiscing with friends about nights out or discussing future holidays abroad. But it doesn’t have to be like this; we don’t have to put our lives on pause.

Get the girls or guys virtually together to create new memories! You can party with your friends even when you cannot be together in real life. You can even dress up and do your make-up to make it feel like it’s a special occasion. So, grab a drink and get planning your next virtual Activities event with our suggestions below.

Make Tipsy, Tasty Cocktails

Get your heels or jackets on and dress up for a cocktail evening. Ask the host to learn a few cocktails, or get everyone to learn one each, in preparation for your Friday night. Then teach the cocktails to the rest of the group via a video call. Buy the same ingredients and use a jam jar if you don’t have a shaker. You can create a virtual happy hour for your friends with games and a range of cocktails!

Start Quizzing

Quizzes don’t have to be boring factual ones where the clever clogs of the group always win. You can make them fun and personal! Create a quiz around your friendship group, for example, ask ‘Who said this…’ or ‘Where was this taken…’ Another fun way to spice up quizzes is to go through your friends’ old Facebook statuses, blur out their name and then ask the group who wrote it.

Get Tongue-Tied with Taboo

Taboo is a great game to get the energy up in a group. Pair up with someone and get them to guess a word you’re trying to describe. It’s a fun, quick game to get everyone feeling energetic. You can buy the game, create one yourself or access a free one online. This is a good game to start the call with as it’ll get everyone chatting!

Cook Together

Become a culinary genius in the kitchen with your friends. Decide on a new recipe you want to try and buy the ingredients before the night. Cooking together is a fun, and yummy way to connect with your friends. You can then eat the meal together and discuss your cooking abilities. We’d recommend starting with tasty, chocolaty brownies!

Feel Zen with Art

Art can be a great way to relax with your friends even if you’re not a painter. Also, you can make it an evening activity with a glass of wine. Learn how to draw by taking up this activity during the lockdown. Art is a relaxing way to chat with your friends whilst keeping your hands busy and your mind present. You can even try to draw one another, which is a great way to connect.

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