Different kinds of mattress firm and their impact on your health

Sleeping is a vital necessity of any human being. Every person requires at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Sleeping helps an individual stay fit mentally and provides time to build itself for another working day. Now think you didn’t get a night of proper sleep, and your body stayed activated throughout the night! Further, you realize it is because of an uncomfortable mattress or bed. That’s when you understand the importance of a good quality mattress firm. It is the fundamental necessity to accomplish a comfortable and calm sleep.

Nevertheless, your sleeping position and the surface for your sleep are equally essential. Yet, it is necessary to choose a good quality mattress for restless sleep. But before that, let’s understand what a Mattress is or should be!

What is a Mattress Firm?

A Mattress is usually a rectangular or square-shaped thick pad over the sleeping bed, supporting any person to rest. It is fixed in the set of the bed frame. Mattresses are covered by thick and heavy cloth materials, which are highly stuffed with Cotton, Jute, Straw, Foam, and Natural Fibre with a framework of springs that holds the fabric together and provides a comfortable base. Nowadays, in some mattresses, water and air are also used as a mattress’s material. Also, People choose a firm mattress topper to cover the upper part of the mattress or to get similar comfort instead of buying a new mattress. There are a variety of such mattress toppers available Absorbents online and offline that one can buy as per their needs.

Importance of Mattress Firm In Our Lives

As we mentioned earlier, mattresses play an essential role in your daily routine of sleep. A good firm mattress can give you relief from your back pain and can enhance your body posture. Healthy and uninterrupted sleep can also reduce psychological diseases such as anxiety, drowsiness, insomnia, etc. A night of good sleep also lowers the risk of weight gain, boosts your memory, and gives you a fresh start to your day. According to a National Sleep Foundation survey, it is found that 92% of the population talks about a good night’s sleep. The same study continues saying that a comfortable mattress plays a significant role in providing proper 8-hour sleep. So, find your best firm mattress and enjoy better sleep.

What’s the Impact of bad mattresses?

Mattresses are essential for the vital activity that is sleep. If you are continuously changing your positions and have to compromise with your sleep just because of the Mattress, then it is time to change your Mattress. Irregular sleep may lead to tired and irritated mornings and can ruin your whole day.

After a while, the springs of bed mattresses become uncoiled, and the mattress material loses. It becomes compulsory to change the mattress after every 8-10 years, and one should change the mattress. We will now address some of the main Do’s and Don’ts that one should follow while buying any mattress!

To do and Not to-do list while buying a mattress firm

Everyone should know which sort of mattress is best for their sleep. Choosing the correct mattress yourself is extremely important. If you don’t find the perfect mattress, you may face restless nights for too long, which may cause various physical and mental issues. Here are some to do and not to do are given below, if you are going to buy a mattress for yourself:-


  • Supports your body – A good quality mattress firm completely supports the back and body posture, either you are sleeping on your shoulders or your stomach.
  • Pressure points of the body – Pay attention to your pressure points while buying a mattress. Pressure points include the heaviest parts of your body, like shoulders, stomach, pelvic portion head, etc.
  • Try before buy– According to the survey, spend at least 20 hr to buy any mattress, if it is comfortable for you or not.

Firm mattress tops are the best for all the sleeping positions and give your body full support and comfort. At times, one faces difficulty rolling over because it gets too soft for the back. One should always avoid such kinds of mattresses.


  • Never buy a mattress when you are exhausted because when you are replenished, every mattress firm you get comfort from might feel uncomfortable. So be assured about your comfort zones.
  • Buy a mattress when you are not tired or in the morning hours because you will pay more attention to your comfort and sleeping position in the morning or a fresh mind.
  • The cover material of the mattress should be a soft and smooth cloth material.
  • Buoyancy: Buoyancy is a vital aspect to consider, which means to float; the mattress should be of floating type, not a sinking type.

Different Types of Mattresses

Buying comfort for yourself is pretty exciting and also a challenging task. Mattress perfectly defines the definition of comfort. Everyone has a different taste for their comfort, so different types of mattresses are available these days. These are as follows:

Innerspring Mattress – These kinds of mattresses are easy on the budget and the most popular ones. Whenever you think about innerspring mattresses, the first thought that comes to your mind is of a child who’s jumping on a squeaky bed.

This mattress takes the support of a steel coil and the quality of sleep increases as the no. of coil increases. They are one-sided mattresses so that you can’t flip them on another side.

  • Continuous Coil

This type of mattress is made up of one single wire and arranged in S-shaped. Suppose you have a good amount of budget you can choose this one.

  • Offset Coils

The aforementioned is the most convenient firm mattress, almost similar to the Bonnell Coil. The only difference between them is that they are made up of a hinge-like squared top with a coil next to it on the bottom.

  • Pocketed Coil

This coil comprises a spring-like structure. It is good to have rest on, but the only problem is its bounciness. You may disturb yourself while your partner moves around. This is designed differently as its coils are wrapped in fabric. It has excellent edgy support. It is pretty expensive, but if you like a vibrant appearance and don’t want a sinking feeling, you must go for it.

  • Natural Fibre

If you have been looking for the best mattress for a long time, you should give a natural fiber mattress a chance. These mattresses are mainly composed of natural fibers, which are biodegradable and also eco-friendly. Always buy the official Greenguard certificate marked mattresses as they indicate their eco-friendly nature. There are many kinds of fiber mattresses available in the market:-

  • Organic Cotton lasts up to 15 years.
  • Organic Wool, elastic material and regulates the temperature.
  • Hemp, great option if you are vegan.
  • Bamboo
  • Latex with fire-resistant qualities.
  • Coconut coir with good quality.

These are the most comfortable mattresses that provide full support to the complete body and being breathable doesn’t restrict the air passage.

  • Latex Mattresses

    These are getting popular day by day. These are most convenient and made up of natural resources. These fit in your budget quickly and long life. They don’t consist of chemicals and don’t need flipping and rotation. They are heavier than the others and also challenging to move.

  • Hybrid latex Mattress

    Their popularity is increasing day by day. You will get the quality and benefits as you pay. They are typically more expensive and laced with the feature of durability.

  • Innerspring Latex Hybrid Mattress

    Another option of Mattress on the market is an innerspring latex hybrid mattress. As you can understand the fact by its name that it somewhat resembles an innerspring and latex mattress. The only benefit is that you can enjoy the quality of latex with less investment. You can also enjoy the microbial technology in this Mattress. It prevents the entry of microorganisms.

  • Memory Foam

    These are the most popular kinds of mattresses that can fit into everyone’s pocket. These kinds of mattresses are the most comfortable Mattress, and you want the feeling of snug. If you enjoy the feeling of sinking and coziness, then this kind of Mattress is made for you. These mattresses are known for their ease and also lightweight.

  • Polyfoam Latex

    Investing in this kind of Mattress will be one of the most significant decisions of your life. Generally, it is made up of Dunlop and Talalay. Memory Foam mattress satisfies their customer always in terms of comfort and quality. These mattresses reduced dust mites and prevented allergic symptoms.

  • Pillow- Top Mattress

    Most people use these kinds of Mattress as most common among the population. Pillow top technology increases the comfort level. You can choose your mattress choice such as Cotton, Fiberfilm, Foam, Memory foam, Latex, Wool.

The best quality of this kind of mattress is that it has cooling properties, perfect for warm areas. It doesn’t lose its shape and quick bounce back, and easy to wash.  If you are looking for cheap mattresses, then these aren’t for you.

Airbeds –

Air beds are the cover of thick leather or plastic material that is filled up with air. It is the most comfortable type of mattress as it is easier to move from one place to another. To fill these airbeds, mattress pumps are used.

Water beds –

These kinds of mattresses have been in use since the 1800s, originally designed by Scottish physician Neil Arnott. Water Beds help in back pain treatments. A physician usually uses these for treating patients with bedsores.

These mattresses are filled with water inside; people prefer waterbeds more than hard mattresses. It points to every pressure point. And make them more limber.

Mattresses for the different sleeping position

Everybody has a different sleeping position and different comfort levels. Some people sleep straight, some sleep on their stomachs, and some on their shoulders. Memory foam mattresses are perfect for back sleepers. Here are the distinct mattresses that are given below for different sleeping positions:-

1. Back sleeper

This position is said to be the most suitable position to sleep, according to the doctors. If you sleep on your back, the following factors should be kept in mind while buying a mattress firm:-

  • The mattress should not be too soft and can maintain the posture of your body. It should support the spinal cord by maintaining its original arched shape [s-shaped].
  • The back sleeper should altogether avoid the use of the pillow. The use of a high protector may not adjust with your spine.
  • The back sleeper needs a breathable mattress because their sleeping position may restrict the passing air. Latex Mattresses are suitable for breathable mattresses.

If you are looking for a breathable firm mattress, you can check online.

2. Side sleeper –

The majority of the population follows the side sleeping pattern. The left side sleeping position is perfect for sleep because all the visceral organs are in a suitable sleeping pattern. The flow of blood in the heart is also not interrupted. Here are some facts about mattresses for side sleepers are given below:-

  • The mattress should comfort the body posture.
  • The mattress should be breathable because one side is permanently restricted to air.
  • The mattress should be a permanent type such as latex or memory foam.
  • The mattress should not be either too hard or too soft.

3. Stomach sleeper –

They sleep on their tummy. These types of sleepers are rarely found [ only 1 or 2% people ]. If you are the one in this 2%, then the facts for the firm mattresses given below:-

  • A soft mattress, spring mattresses should be denied because they sink the body in the bedcovers.
  • The mattress covers should be fitted with soft cloths and natural materials.
  • They should try a hard mattress, pure latex type, which supports and comforts their tummy.

Effects of the right Mattress Firm on health:-

Just as good periods of sleep increase your memory and mental state, a good quality mattress firm also has a good impact on health. A pressure care mattress can help one enjoy restful sleep and provide other benefits, such as ensuring proper spinal alignment, as well as preventing snoring and disease-causing allergens. Here are some essential health-boosting effect of good sleep are given below:-

  • Advanced Health

    This is the boon of good sleep. People who get more sleep are much healthier than those who take sleep of a minimum of 5-6 hr. Those who sleep less may lead to high blood pressure, stroke, premature aging, heart disease, and inflammatory linked disease.

  • Refined Memory

    A proper sleeping schedule may boost up your memory. When you are sleeping profoundly, the brain undergoes a memory formation process that organizes the day’s incidents and bits of knowledge in files and rearranges them into memory. According to some scientists, if you take proper sleep of 8 hours, you may get the solution to your problem even if you are sleeping.

  • Weight Loss

    If you are overweight or undergoing obesity, and you plan for a weight loss journey, you must follow a good sleeping schedule. You may get a good body figure if you sleep on a good quality mattress. A night of sleep on a suitable material mattress gives you quality time sleep, maintaining your metabolism rate, and aids in losing weight.

  • Leads to glowing skin

    Good sleep may also enhance your beauty and likely to get glowing skin. A proper and uninterrupted sleeping schedule reduces the chances of premature aging; on the other hand, the people who sleep less at night may get unwanted dark circles under the eyes.

  • Increase the Age

    Good sleeping is directly proportional to cardiovascular health. The proper sleep schedule also reduces stress. Many surveys reveal that people who sleep less than 7 hours are likely to die sooner than those who sleep more than 7 hours.

  • Fewer chances to Fall Ill

    According to the studies, those who sleep less at night may often be exposed to various viruses and cold viruses. If you spend quality time resting, then you may recover soon.

  • Satisfaction

    Quality sleeps your physical health and posture and magnifies your mood and attitude towards your work. Uninterrupted sleep gives you time to rehabilitate and look younger.

  • Reduces Allergy Problems

    Sometimes dust mites may attack your bed which may cause allergic problems such as sneezing. If the mattress is of good quality and has a denser fabrication, it may hinder them from launching and likely prevents allergic symptoms.

  • Proper Spinal Arrangement

    Improper Mattress may disturb the spinal cord arrangement and can cause chronic pain in your back. Your mattress should support your body, especially the spinal cord. If your mattress is too soft and cannot support your spinal properly, it may lead to an unusual spinal position.

  • Reduces the Pain

    If you are suffering from extreme backache, it is probably because there is no proper alignment of the spine, and it has induced backache. Get yourself a mattress firm that holds your back correctly and aligns your spine with relieving your pressure points.

  • Tackle Snoring

    Snoring is a loud voice created through your nose while sleeping when your neck and head are not in a good position. This may disturb your partner’s sleep too. It also happens when proper circulation doesn’t between the body and the mattress. Good quality mattresses prevent snoring especially medium-firm mattress.

Here is all the information available about the need for a good mattress firm. If one wants to make oneself more healthy and align your body structure, then one should never compromise with the mattress. Haven’t you googled yet for a ‘mattress firm near me’? If not, then do it fast and get the most comfortable mattress right now!




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