The Rustic Bride’s Guide to Wedding Dresses


Rustic weddings are growing in popularity and allow a couple to showcase their country roots. They are more casual and leave a lot of room for creativity. Decorations for rustic weddings have an earthy feel, using plenty of wood elements and twinkling lights in mason jars. If you are planning a rustic wedding, you might be looking at flowers and bows made of burlap and different chalkboard signs.

The venue for your rustic wedding is likely to be a barn or an outdoor setting. Somewhere close to nature where you can have a casual feel, even if it is a little more upscale. One of the great things about a rustic theme is that you can dress it up or down as much as you want.

Your wedding dress should match the feel of the decor as well. If you are going for a more casual feel, your wedding dress should reflect that. If you are looking for a more high scale feel, you can get a more upscale dress.

For the Glam Rustic Bride

Adding glamour to a rustic wedding dress is not as difficult as it might sound. The wedding dress can have a slim silhouette, like a mermaid dress. The slim lines will accentuate your body shape and still give a simple, rustic feel. Details like beading and sequins can catch the light to catch every guest’s eye and add interest to the dress.

The final glamour touch you might consider is a deep V-neckline or intricate lacework. Both add some drama and interest to your dress.

For the Boho Rustic Bride

For a more bohemian dress, look for a flowy A-line dress. Look to dresses from the 1960s for inspiration. Bell-shaped sleeves and open or corset backs are going to be your best options. Look for dresses with lots of tulle or lace to add movement to the dress. Boho dresses might also have a nature theme in their embellishments, such as a flower or leaf motif in the lacework.

For your accessories, add pops of jewel tones. Instead of a veil, look at a flower headpiece woven either with faux leather straps or ribbons.

For the Country Rustic Bride

If you are going for the full country look, you have a lot of options. Virtually any silhouette could work, from a slim, fitted dress to a flowy drop waist to a full ball gown. The key to the country wedding is to make sure you give off a more “handmade” kind of feel. Adding a lot of lace to a dress, especially if it is a simpler design, can give off that feeling.

You can add to both comfort and aesthetic by switching up your shoes. Instead of going for heels or strappy sandals, wear comfortable cowboy boots that will allow you to dance the night away.

For the Classy Rustic Bride

A more classy venue would be a clean, white barn with chandeliers. If that is the vibe you’re going for, you might be looking for a more classy dress. You will want to look at a simple, satin sheath dress. You won’t want a lot of embellishments on the dress. Find a dress that is beautifully constructed, instead.

For a classic look, let the dress shine. Wear your hair in a simple up-do and choose jewelry that is simple and classic.

For the Vintage Rustic Bride

For a more vintage look, you’re looking for a bit more drama. Try finding a dress with lots of lace. The more lace, the better—it can even cover the entire dress. An off-the-shoulder neckline and long train add more drama to the dress.

A three-quarter or long sleeve made of lace would add to that feel, no matter the time of year you are getting married.

The Perfect Rustic Dress

When you are searching for your perfect dress, it can be nerve-wracking. You have to go with the decor, show off your personal style, make sure you are comfortable, and make a statement to your guests.

Searching wedding dresses near me will bring up shops that offer helpful staff and a wide selection of styles. So make sure you find a shop with dresses that fit your budget and personal taste. Finding the right shop is the first step to finding your perfect, rustic dress.

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