5 Fun Outdoor Hobbies that You Might Try Today

If you think about your lifestyle, you’re probably considering what you do in your profession, but also what you do in your spare time. You might like reading. Perhaps you enjoy watching some classic movies on TV or binge-watching favorite shows on streaming services HBO Now, Netflix, or Disney+.

However, you should also probably get outside and enjoy some activities there if you can. If you stay inside all the time, you won’t get any sun, and that can impact your mood.

Let’s discuss some outside activities you might try if you can’t think of any on your own. We’ll talk about someones that should fit the more creative people, and also the more competitive ones.

Ride an E-Scooter

E-scooters have become more popular over the past few years. They run using electricity, as the name implies. They have a steering wheel and two axles. They have no seat, and they have no pedals, either. Basically, once you charge one, you just get on and steer.

It takes some practice, but once you learn how you should enjoy it. Children like them, and adults do too.

You must use e-scooters carefully. 2017 saw about 32,000 e-scooter accident injuries, and that number keeps going up. That’s because this conveyance method keeps getting more popular, and more kids and adults keep buying them.

If you do decide that you’ll try one, make sure to avoid very busy roads. You can stay on the sidewalk if you like, but watch out. You might hit a pedestrian or someone walking a dog if you’re not careful. You can wear a helmet, which can protect you if you fall off once or twice.

Play Some Pickleball

If you watch ESPN or any other sports network, maybe you’ve heard the announcers discussing the pickleball phenomenon. This sport keeps getting more popular, and you might find a pickleball court near your house that you can use.

Some YMCAs have pickleball courts, and some older adult residences do too. You have a racket or a paddle, and you hit a ball back and forth across a net. You can play with two players or four. It’s a bit like tennis.

Pickleball requires some mobility and athleticism, but not too much. You can play and have a good time as a total amateur, or you might get more serious about it and join a league. If this second option appeals, see whether you have some near you.

Start a Garden

Maybe you’re not so competitive. You can start a garden in your front or backyard instead. Some homes have side yards where you can plant a garden if the back or front yard won’t work.

You can put down some fertilizer and determine what seeds you should plant. You might plant some corn, tomatoes, or potatoes. You can grow your crop and then eat it each year. You’ll feel great when you eat the fruits or veggies that you grew outside at your table.

You might also plant some pretty flowers. You can look at them and feel happy if life gets you down. You can even plant some flowers or vegetables and enter competitions if you like. You can look into any county fairs or even state fairs where you can show off your skills.

Ride a Bike

Maybe you feel like you don’t want an e-scooter. You can always ride an old-fashioned bicycle. Perhaps you learned how as a child, and now, you can take it back up in adulthood.

They say you never forget how, and bike riding does come back easily if you just hop on and peddle. You can shed some pounds and get exercise, and you can also explore your neighborhood. You might find some delightful little shops you never knew about on a street that you never explored before.

You can also go riding with your kids and connect with them that way. You can get them off their phones for a while and spend some quality family time.

You Can Do an Outdoor DIY Project

Perhaps an outdoor DIY project appeals. You can hit a store like Home Depot or Lowes and get the tools and supplies you need.

Maybe you will build a gazebo in the backyard. Perhaps you’ll set up a fountain and have some goldfish back there.

You might also build a bird feeder. You can fill it up in the spring and see what species come around.

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