5 Bracelet Designs That Enhance the Beauty of Your Wrists!

Bracelets have always been a fashionable accessory for women. After all, they are the most convenient alternative to beautify one’s wrists. Women prefer bangles or kadas, since they’re both sleek and eye-catching.

With the passage of time, bracelets are steadily replacing bangles as the go-to accessory for embellishing one’s wrists. Compared to bangles, kadas are easier to wear, and girls can wear them for traditional functions, casual hangouts, and for regular use, alike.

In case one faces confusion regarding the bracelet design, here’s a guide that they can refer to for choosing the bracelet design best suited to them.

1. Gold chain bracelets

Chain bracelets are perfect for those who prefer a blend of minimalism, and subtlety. These ornaments are not only beautiful to look at, but women can also wear them with different outfits, be it traditional or modern. In fact, women can never go wrong while pairing a chain bracelet with their outfit.

2. Beaded bracelets

Beads add an extra flair to everything they’re paired with, be it a dress, or a saree. Nevertheless, beaded bracelets further beautify the wrist they adorn.

Chain beaded bracelets are popular as well. Such bracelets provide the wearer with a classy, chic look while staying high on the subtlety quotient.

3. Layered bracelets

Layering is a common attribute in Indian outfits and accessories, particularly in sarees and bangles. In bracelets, layering provides a distinctive look that sets it apart from other ornaments.

Though more suited to traditional outfits, layered bracelets can also be worn with casual wear. Girls would do well to pair these accessories with long flowing skirts or palazzos for a chic bohemian look.

4. Hand chain bracelets

A slight modification of the traditional haathphool, these hand chain bracelets are the trendiest these days. Also, they’re lightweight, which makes them even popular. Plus, they also accentuate one’s hands as they fall out nicely along the back of the hand.

They look even beautiful when studded with little stones, or a small pendant.

5. Bangle bracelets

These bangle bracelets are popular tradition wedding ornaments. Better known as the traditional gold kada, they are made of solid gold. Usually paired with conventional outfits, like sarees or lehengas, these bracelets give their wearers a classy, royal look.

Bangle bracelets encrusted with stones look even better as accessories for weddings. Moreover, they are also available in different styles, making them flexible pairing accessories for every outfit.

Apart from these, women could also refer to a few other bracelets to complement their attire:

  • Broad gold hex-linked bracelets: These are also ideal accessories for wedding outfits.
  • Slim bracelets: Slim bracelets are perfect to accessories crisp, formal attire. But, girls can also pair them up with casual outfits.
  • Pearl bangle bracelets: These bracelets are tailor-made for large hands. Plus, they come in varied shades, making them perfect for everyday usage, and for occasional uses as well.

These bracelet designs can help women accessories their look for every occasion. Nevertheless, due to their flexibility of usage, they can be worn by anyone. Plus, some of these can regularly be worn as well, adding an extra edge to one’s look.

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