10 Healthy Japanese Recipes to Try Out – During This Pandemic!

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So, where ever you are… please stay safe. This pandemic might not be an ideal situation to try out something out in the open, but fear not! Our recipe hunters have gathered some amazing and healthy Japanese recipes for you to try out! It’s like having a Japanese food delivery right at your home.

The Japanese dishes are non to be very organic-based and have a rich history behind every ingredient.

Here we present you with 8 healthy Japanese recipes that you can try out at home, without breaking a sweat:


This dish is as healthy as they come. The recipe contains boiled/steamed content for it to be mixed. This bowl is a well-balanced mean, containing steamed rice as the main intake, then topped with brown chicken, some veggies as per one’s likings, and lastly, boiled yellow egg. This should make a full tasty and presentable dish to anyone’s liking.


The simple-looking dish is known as kabocha in the US. It’s a unique style dish with Japanese pumpkin. The recipe is simple in ingredients, having chestnut-like texture also bit moist. The dish is sometimes served with Japanese seasoning called shio koji which adds value to the taste.


This dish can work with both broccolini and broccoli, working perfectly with any difference to the taste.

Broccolini gomaae is a great side dish that is rich in antioxidants and has a suitable amount of folic acid, so your skincare would have a bonus. Add any sesame sauce with the dish and you have a fine recipe that would serve a great meal.


This dish gained its popularity soon in japan when the Okinawan cuisine was getting more and more popular. This dish, contains bitter melon, as per the name of the dish, along with mashed tofu. We add sauce called shiraae, to the dish for a light and an appealing look, for our healthy dish.

This dish has many medicinal purposes as it helps in lowering blood sugar. Bitter melon is commonly used in Asian cooking.


The next dish is surprisingly a soup. A sweat, hold, and meatless soup. It’s a clear soup with many root vegetables, kombu stocks, shiitake mushrooms, and tofu. It’s a perfect dish that has its origin linked with the Buddhist temple cuisine, with many health benefits, perfectly good for a late-night meal.

This soup is made with usually soy sauces, but to mix it up, you can make it with other soups sauce such as miso. Moreover, a soup can have chicken or pork depending on how the taste is carved for.


How about going about starting your day with breakfast and this green tea smoothie. The meal would be highly nutritional as the content would be of varying kinds such as almond milk, banana, and matcha powder. The matcha powder is a kick-starter for a power pack day. Macha powder has antioxidants that enable you to circulate more oxygen around your body early in the day!


You probably have heard of this dish, a strong remedy for a work-intensive week. Ginger rice is a perfect meal for you, as it has anti-inflammatory medical properties, not to mention a very strong taste for a Japanese recipe. It is cooked with ginger, sauce based on soy sauce, and fried tofu skin. It can be very additive towards other dishes, such as miso soup.


A healthy nutritional value for every bite! A summer meal has spring rolls as a good value addition to it. This meal is small and chewable with a good mixture of proteins and many other vegetable ingredients. A simple spring roll gets a Japanese version when you add pork belly, lettuce, and daikon radish and serve it with sesame ponzu vinaigrette, making it a completely new but tastefully same dish.


Since tonkatsu needs deep frying for pork, so probably making it at home might not be that rewarding. It is also a bit dangerous and smelly in the kitchen if you try to deep fry it. Now to get the panko to be a bit crispy and not get soggy early on is to pre-cook panko, now panko won’t get overcooked with baking it all together.

The recipe goes all in all with the baking methods and not deep frying yet achieving a perfect taste and texture.


A simple, yet healthy recipe that adds barbecue to the mix. It is all about the texture when we are making grilled miso chicken. This dish has a flavor covered from top to bottom, as it has ginger and garlic, white miso, soy sauce, and chili paste, making the chicken breast the best overall experience with full crispiness. To cook the chicken better, it is better to pound where necessary, the chicken breast thinly, thus they would cook evenly and faster.

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