What You Should Know About Email Spoofing Prevention?

With so much technological advancement, the growth of cybercrime has also multiplied manifold. With hackers finding new ways and means to trick companies, basic information on spoofing is not sufficient at all.

Base-level knowledge on email spoofing comprises of impersonation of an employee or company by cyber hackers to get employees share their personal details such as corporate ID or passcode. The information allows hackers to get convenient access to the database and accounts of the company, lose their money and valuable information.

Hackers use moderate methods to trick people which are more than just impersonating the email of the domain of the company’s executive. Some of the employees may also get mail from their own email ID as hackers try to copy the victim themselves.  This increases the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, leaking your personal information, and damaging the security of your company.

Solutions to protect from email spoofing.

Here are some of the best email spoofing prevention remedies mentioned for you:

Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework or SPF is an email authentication system. It works by confirming and checking the address of the sender before the mail is sent to the receiver’s inbox.

It confirms the authenticity of the mail by checking if the domain which the mail is being delivered from has a genuine IP address.

Domain Key Identified Mail

Domain Key Identified Mail is genuine protection against email spoofing as it checks mail authenticity and lessens the risk of receiving spoofed mails. The DKIM works by using an encrypted tool to run efficient mail domain authorization.

It ensures that the entire path taken by the mail from the sender to the recipient and the features of the mail remain unchanged. It allows the receiver to confirm if the mail has been sent from a legit resource or has copied the stated source to perform a phishing attack. This helps you to know if the mail is authentic and is coming from a genuine source or not.

This doesn’t let your mails get corrupted and ensures that the data in the mail remained unaltered.

Brilliant technologies with no hassles

PhishProtection.com offers SMTP service which automates your outbound mail signing with Domain Key Identified Mail and enhances the functioning of Sender Policy Framework. It is a well-controlled SMTP service with rigid rules and policies to secure the repute of every mail being delivered to you.

The Outbound SMTP service is provided in the threat defense of PhishProtection. It is a cloud-based, anti-phishing solution and mail protection service which terminates phishing, malware, spamming and spoofing.

There is no need for you to purchase anything or install any software. It is the simplest and quickest option to deploy domain name spoofing security at your office. The best thing is that it works effortlessly with third-party hosted systems such as Office 365 and provides you email spoofing prevention office 365.  So, go for it and use the best solution for email spoofing now!


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