What Are the Responsibilities of a Landlord?

Venturing into the real estate market as a property owner can be a big investment. However, simply purchasing a building is not all it takes to enjoy an investment’s returns. Today’s homeowners and property owners have several expectations and this includes professionalism from landlords regarding their services. Some counties also have some specific rules regarding rental properties and tenants. Therefore, landlords need to understand their role in managing their properties as well as renters’ needs.


Security is a priority for many homeowners. According to Forbes, over a million burglaries occur in the United States each year. About 66 percent of these cases are break-ins. The last thing a working tenant would want is to come back home to a break-in. For this reason, many property owners are likely to choose areas and homes based on safety and security.

Luckily, property owners today have several ways of utilizing high-security services for renters. You can talk of security cameras, face recognition features to manage visitor access, smart security systems, and more. Landlords can combine multiple options to improve security efforts rather than sticking with one. These days, digital resources like Swiftlane access control solutions make the entire process more manageable. Renters can assign scheduled visit times for their guests and track security cam footage remotely from a mobile app.


It’s one thing to level up a home’s exterior and interior to attract the best offers on the market. And it’s another to maintain a property well enough to sustain renters’ interests in the property. Often, the latter can be challenging. Common situations many renters deal with include rot, debris, faulty home appliances, leaking sinks, and window problems. Across many states in the US and other countries, It’s the landlord’s responsibility to coordinate repairs, replacements, and remodels on non-functioning parts of rental properties.

There are several ways to maintain properties, especially with window and door problems. You can enlist an experienced siding contractor to make sure windows and doors are air-tight. Siding solutions can also improve insulation, affording tenants efficient heating and cooling services during the changing weather conditions. Property owners should opt for durable fixtures and accessories, especially for doors and windows. It pays to field proper maintenance to ensure they stand the test of time.


Welcoming a newcomer into a home as a tenant is easier than having to evict them. Landlords can evict tenants from their properties, but the process has to involve the good standing of the law. Exercising eviction rights without consulting the law can lead to legal correcting actions and lawsuits. Often, the law demands landlords to base eviction on legally justifiable grounds like a tenant’s failure to make full payments.

Also, landlords are to afford renters an acceptable lead time to prepare adequately for options before evicting them.

Abiding by housing regulations, both tenants and landlords have a fair share of rules applicable to their existence in the mutual partnership. These rules can vary from state to state, but landlords must have significant knowledge about housing regulations, including rent control regulations and the Fair Housing Act.

These legislations establish the roles landlords need to perform in ensuring their services comply with accepted legal provisions in the housing industry. Landlords can also willingly improve education on renters’ legal responsibilities to ensure that both parties legally abide by the highest standards. Landlords may have to consult legal professionals familiar with the community’s housing codes before drafting undertakings and legal contracts for tenants.

All in all, landlords are responsible for providing basic services to guarantee comfort for their tenants. The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt many landlords a big blow, but sticking with their responsibilities can be the best option in sustaining businesses.

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