Travelers’s Delight: Portable Deep Cycle Batteries

Hectic life style takes a toll over our physical and mental health. There are times when you need a break from the stressful lifestyle. The best approach is that you should utilize your weekend to travel to places you like. However, you cannot plan your trip in an adhoc way. You need to be equipped and should have all the necessary accessories with you.

One of the items that you must carry with you by all means is a portable deep cycle battery. Now, you must be wondering how a battery can offer value to you. We will discuss the benefits of these portable batteries right here.

Why portable deep cycle batteries are bliss

The best thing about deep cycle batteries is that they are efficient. They are a source of consistent energy. The good news is that you can use these batteries for a long time to come. There is no denying the fact that portable batteries are an excellent alternative energy source.

Another reason to invest your trust in portable deep cycle batteries is that they do not require a lot of maintenance. These batteries make use of solar panels for power generation. When the battery gets charged, it will be able to store the energy in the cells.

When you go for good quality portable deep cycle batteries, then you can look forward to another benefit. They are durable in comparison to normal batteries.

Understanding the types of deep cycle batteries

Flooded lead-acid battery

You will come across various types of deep cycle batteries. One of the types is flooded lead-acid batteries. The other name for these batteries is wet cells. They have electrodes that get immersed in an electrolyte present in an unsealed case.

The best thing about flooded lead-acid batteries is that they are affordable. Plus, you can look forward to high surge current with these batteries. You will not struggle when it comes to the troubleshooting of these batteries.

The reason is that they have a simple design so it becomes easy to repair these batteries. However, there are few precautions that you need to follow with these batteries.  If the case is unsealed, then the liquid may leak. It is essential that you should keep the flooded lead-acid battery upright.

AGM batteries

When you want to buy deep cycle batteries, then you can choose Sealed AGM batteries too. AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. These batteries do not make use of a pool of acid water. On the contrary, they use glass fiber mats which get soaked in sulphuric acid.

The casing of the AGM batteries is completely sealed. The best thing about the AGM batteries is that they are small and light in comparison to lead-acid batteries. They do not require regular maintenance so they will not be a burden on your pocket.

Gel Batteries

Well, the Gel Batteries have a design similar to the AGM batteries. However, the AGM batteries fall in the category of Wet cells. The electrolyte present in the Gel Batteries contains silica addictive. The silica additive sets up the battery.

What you need to keep in mind is that Gel Batteries are more sensitive to adverse reactions. It is necessary that you avoid over-charging voltage by all means. The best thing about Gel Batteries is that they tend to last longer in hot weather applications.

Keep one more thing in mind. If you use the incorrect charger with the Gel Batteries, this can result in poor performance.

If you are planning to travel, then you can choose any of these deep cycle batteries. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable trip by all means because of this efficient battery. Go for it.


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