Tips for Doing a Better Screen Recording

Screen recording is the best way to share your live content with all your viewers. All this can be done by screen recording. There are many screen recorders available like Screencast-O-Matic, Camtasia, and many more, which provide a quality screen recording.

But there are many factors that you should know about before recording your screen for the first time. Because if your recording quality is not acceptable, then screen recorder will not be of any importance. So here we are going to provide some tips for better screen recording.

Make a plan before recording

Make a list of all your points you are going to talk about in your screencast, this will not make you forget anything in between, and it will also help you make a good video. Because writing down all these things will help you to stay focused while recording.

Anything can be recorded

You can record anything you want, such as everything from a PowerPoint presentation to a webpage and video. Remember that recording the screen downwards may record irrelevant content, such as notification pop-ups. So before starting recording, clear all the icons from your desktop and disable all pop-ups for better screen recording.

Audio quality also matters

A screen recording without an excellent audio quality is worthless. Your audio quality can make a big difference in your screen recording, so do not use your laptop or desktops’ microphone, and no irrelevant background sound should be there in your screen recording.

Record relevant stuff

As we told you early that you can record everything you want but do not use this method to record irrelevant content in your screen recording. Because in the course of recording too much content, sometimes you cannot record precisely what you want to record. Nowadays, screen recorder online only provide the facility to record your screen to better record the things that are important for your recording.

Maintain the movement of your mouse or cursor

The movement of the mouse cursor is another most crucial trait if you are recording your screen. It shows viewers to follow you, like where your mouse cursor is and what you are talking about. It all depends on the movement of your mouse.

Cut out mistakes and irrelevant stuff:

Mistakes happen with all of us, whether you are doing anything. Sometimes it happens when recording, but no worries, you can correct them using any video editor. These video editors not only help in making your video more concise but also help in making your sound recording more polished and professional.

Length of the screencast

Although there are no parameters about your screen cast’s length, a 20-minute video is better than a 1-hour video. So try keeping it as short as you can. Because viewers find it boring to watch a long video, and they close it in half. But making a small video with relevant content will be more beneficial for you.

Things to avoid

Do not move the cursor too fast as it will confuse all your views that they have to see.

Do not run it unnecessarily, as it will confuse your viewers about what exactly you are talking about.

Final thoughts

Screen recording is the best way to share any of your content with multiple peoples. These are tips to make your screen recording better than before. There are lots of screen recorders in the market with different technologies to make your screen recording preferable. So if you are looking for some tips to make a better recording, then you are in the right place.


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