Simple and Best Tips For AC Repair In Bangalore

Pollution has become rampant in almost all cities of the world, including Bangalore. The pollutants have brought massive changes in the environment. So, you can feel the rain in summer, and hot sun in winter. It is a fact, many parts of the world are facing the heat wave, especially the cities, because of huge amount of vehicles and industries. But humankind always has placed one step ahead of nature. Air conditioner has become mandatory in many offices and even in homes of Bangalore. In this article, you are going to get valuable tips for ac repair in Bangalore.

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To be noted is the fact, dirt can be regarded as the main enemy of your cooling appliance. And in case of dirty evaporator coil, the less said the better. The part can spell the end of the road for your Air conditioner. And this device is not a tiny item, you have invested money and it works on a regular basis. The air conditioner should work to its full potential during the long hot summer. So it is necessary that the coils should be checked regularly.

Symptoms Of A Dirty Evaporator Coil

The AC may not possess life, but it gives valuable clues regarding its maintenance. Similar to many machines and even complicated systems, you get tell-tale signs. And it is not that your home is not clean. The job of the evaporator coils include absorbing the heat atmosphere from the home. In fact, the air is absorbed via the return ducts. So it is a natural environment for build-up of dust. And, you are asking for trouble.

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Most Common Problems

1. Inadequate Cooling

Did you notice that the air from the vents has a different temperature? In case of dust in the coils, the air conditioner will work, but it will not perform a good job. Since the dirt has engulfed the coils, it acts as a barrier. The metal coils cannot absorb the heat in the house. So, the air conditioner is compromised.

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2. Age of Your System

The thermostat in the home will always monitor the temperature. In fact, it is this device informing the air conditioner to switch on. So, you need not take a thermometer to check the air and then switch on the AC. Technology has advanced and the automatic AC turns on after detecting the hot atmosphere. It is a simple process, but when dirt settles in the evaporator coil, the thermostat tells the AC to work on and on.

The device, unfortunately runs consistently, to fulfill the job and it gets worn out. The more dirtier the coils, the more time the ac will run to cool the atmosphere. In case the ac runs for too long, the lifetime of the device will reduce considerably.

3. Freeze

Freezing is regarded, by many home improvement experts as the worst thing to happen to your appliance. Any guess on the result when the AC coil goes for a freeze mode? You know the dirt builds up and restricts heat absorption. The dirt will also absorb some of the heat, and in the duration gets converted to water, and finally to ice. The air conditioner, then goes on the destructive mode, giving rise to unexpected expenses and finally breakdown.

So it is necessary to opt for maintenance services from a qualified technician for the perfect AC repair in Bangalore.

So Where Is The Important Coil Located In The Air Conditioner?

Usually, when you visualize the air conditioning system, you normally see the large exterior parts, vents and the thermostat. As a part of prime importance, it is located in the internal unit interior. In some brands, it is located besides the air handler very near the blower fan. Usually, the evaporator coils are made of aluminium, steel and copper since these metals do a better job of conduction.

So, you can be a DIY enthusiast, but cleaning the interior parts definitely needs a qualified expert for AC repair in Bangalore. Because of his expertise, he can bring the perfect tools to complete the job efficiently, safely. Your AC will be brought back to normal.

Are There Prevention Tips For A Dirty Evaporator Coil?

Agreed, you have many tasks in the pipeline, both at your office and even at your home. So it is not your job to check if the AC is functioning properly. However, you can prevent the build-up of dirt in the appliance. The simple tips are given below –

Change the air filters on regular basis

One of the simple, easy and effective tasks, you can do to keep the AC working at its full potential. You can change them every three months. Have pets in your home? Do you have a family elder who is prone to respiratory allergy? Then change them every thirty days. Also, take the vacuum cleaner and clear the dust accumulated at the corners and near the vents.

Quality of Air Filter

If it is a high quality filter, more particles will be absorbed. But keep a count. You should know the quantity and power of the air filter that your own AC can handle. Or else, the AC will wear out faster. It is easy to find the information in the manual of the AC. You can also consult the best AC repair professional to have a maintenance performed as per the requirement.


Maintenance is regularly needed for any electronic appliance. Usually, a expert AC repair technician will have a 16 point checklist. He will check for no leaks, identify small problems before they turn to big issues and ensure that the AC works to its full potential. Since there will be constant vibration in the air conditioner, the parts may go out of the alignment range. They may have to be adjusted. Regular maintenance will always save a hold in your wallet. Just imagine, facing up a big bill when the AC repair breaks down. And not to mention the savings on utility bills.

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You have spent a sizable amount of money on the air conditioner. So why do you let it go to waste because of one simple part? It is better to make changes in the air filters on regular basis and then check for regular maintenance. You know the proverb very well – Prevention is better than cure.

Preventive measures will always keep your family cool and help you avoid the unnecessary electricity bills. If you are living in Bangalore or any urban city, it is very easy to hire the services of a AC repair and installation expert. Especially, Bangalore is a city bustling with start-ups of doorstep repair service companies who have qualified handyman professionals in their payrolls. You can book a service easily on these companies by downloading their apps and placing a request. The advantage is that you can book the service at your own convenient place and location.


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