How to approval Google Adsense account for your blog

Are you trying to approve your Google Adsense account? But you fail every time?
Then Don’t worry about it.
In this article, I will Tell you some tips that How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast.

Why You want Google Adsense account

We All Know Google Adsense is the best way for making money to own blog.
Adsense is the only one trusted platform for making money.
We All know why we attach our blog to Adsense.
For Making Money… Right?
But it’s not easy for everyone.
Lot’s of people trying to approval their account for a year.
But they fail every time.
Don’t worry I will tell you some tips that will be helpful for your approval.

Why Google reject your request every time

1. about, contact and privacy policy pages missing

This is the biggest reason why Google reject your request.
lot’s of people don’t add these pages.
That’s why google rejects their request.
I will recommend you that you must add these pages to your blog.
if you are thinking that how we can create a privacy policy page then I have a solution for you.
You have to go on .
this website is awesome for making a privacy policy for your blog.

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Now click on click to start button.
There you will see a new window.
Now you have to give some answers to questions.
After that, you will get a HTML file and download that file.
Now open that file and copy all contents and go to your blog and a create page name with privacy policy and paste all that contents in this page.
Now you have a privacy policy page.

2. create responsive design

Google wants a responsive design to your blog.
if you don’t have a simple and responsive design then you can’t expect to google will approve your account.
I will suggest you Create a simple design and responsive for google adsense approval.

3. Duplicate contents

Google really hates to duplicate contents.
If you want to approve your account you have to write a unique content on your blog.
You have to write at least 10+ posts on your blog.
Then you can expect Google will approve your account.

How to approval Google Adsense

1. Create about us, contact us and privacy policy pages

As I Told you these pages are so important if you want to approve your Google Adsense account.
I also told you how you can create privacy policy page for your blog. So Don’t skip this step before the request for Google Adsense approval.

2. create a simple and responsive design

All users want simple and responsive that’s why Google also like a simple and responsive design.
before request check your blog design and mobile friendly to all devices.

<3>3. Don’t write duplicate contents

As I told you, Google really hates duplicate contents.
Even google can ban your website if you are writing duplicate contents.
So Don’t use duplicate contents.
Write only unique and valuable contents.

How many articles required for approval

Well, I already told you that you should write at least 10 articles on your blog.
Because Google sees your blog that how many contents he/she writes.


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