Seo basics: A complete guide for every beginner blogger

We all know seo is important for our blog post. if you really want to get organic traffic then you have to do seo of your blog post. Lot’s of people goes wrong they start making backlinks. they don’t know seo basics.

I am telling you that don’t make backlinks, yes backlinks are so important for google ranking.

But first, you have to learn SEO basics.

So in this article, I will teach you SEO basics.

So let’s start.

Seo basics


We all know the title is very very important for an article.

if you write a great title then you will get huge traffic.

Every user attracts to title content.

Even you can think like a user, suppose you are searching for seo basics and Google showing my article on the top result and my article title is “Seo basics: A complete guide for beginners” then you will think yes it will be good article for me because I have written “A complete guide” this sentence will attract you.

So the title is a most important thing. Write a unique and attractive title.

You can also read this similar article that you have to get more knowledge.

2. permalink (post URL)

Now the second thing is the permalink.

Without a Better permalink, you can rank on google.

You would have heard that we should use long tail keywords.

Yes it’s true we should use But some people use in the permalink.

According to backlinko founder, Brian Dean shorter URL is better than long URL.

Google doesn’t like long URLs. you would have noticed that Brian dean URLs are shorter.
So Use only shorter URL.

If your URL is 4 five word then you can use it but if you think you will use 8 to 10 words then it’s not good for your Google ranking.

3.Meta description

These 3 things must know every blogger.

The meta description should be unique.

I have done lots of experiment on meta description.

The first experiment was, I did not write a meta description and when I saw my post on the search engine, Google showing my body contents in the meta description. google not showing my other articles. It’s really bad thing. google doesn’t like it if you don’t write your meta description.

Write a unique meta description. Don’t copy paste your body contents in the meta description.

4. Alt tag

Alt tag uses in images.

If you are using images in your article then you should remember to add alt tag and write about image.

If you don’t use alt tag in images then Google can’t read your images.
google only read alt tag images.

In WordPress, you can easily add an alt tag to images.

5. keywords

Keywords are the main thing.

We should use long tail keywords to an article.

We must use our keyword in title, permalink, description and body But remember one thing don’t use your keyword many time in the body.

You should use 3 to 4 time only.

Many people using google keyword planner for finding keywords but I will recommend use kwfinder tool.

It’s showing the actual result. google doesn’t show the actual result.

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