How to Reduce Industrial Noise Pollution

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Did you know that exposure to loud noise can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and, sleep disturbances?

Millions of people are affected by noise pollution every day. The effect of this on their health and be severe so it’s important to reduce noise pollution as much as possible.

But, it isn’t just people who are affected by noise pollution. Lots of animals, especially wildlife, also suffer. So how can industries reduce noise pollution in the workplace to help the environment?

In this article, we’ll share ways in which to reduce industrial noise. By following these, it benefits employees, the local community and, the environment.

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Complete Noisy Tasks in Isolated Areas

Some companies operate in open buildings and warehouses where different teams work alongside each other. This can work well for certain businesses and is a great way to save money.

But, other businesses should redesign their workspace to accommodate noisy operations more effectively.

For example, welders shouldn’t operate in an open building. Instead, they should be moved to more isolated areas.

For example, they could be moved to an area of the site that is cut off from the rest. This may be at the back of the building or even underground.

Not only does this reduce the noise for other employees, but it can reduce the amount of noise escaping the building.

Enclose the Noise

If it’s not possible to move noisy jobs to different locations, then you can look at enclosing the area.

An acoustic enclosure is a closed structure that can reduce the noise of the machinery inside. These types of structures are custom built to fit the machinery or workspace. Not only do they reduce the amount of noise pollution, but they need little maintenance.

Or you can use acoustic blankets which are also custom-designed to fit the machinery. Not only do these also reduce noise pollution, but they can be removed and reused.

See this page to read up on their full benefits.

Enclose Employees from Industrial Noise Pollution

Not all employees handle machinery and need to be exposed to a working warehouse. General office workers often have to share the same building so it’s important to separate them.

Acoustic booths can create quiet places where these employees are protected from noise. They significantly reduce noise from getting inside and create offices within offices.

They can also be used by other employees who handle machinery. If the machinery can be operated remotely, employees could work from inside the booth.

How to Reduce Industrial Noise Pollution?

Keeping the concept of noise pollution and its impact on human and animal life, everyone should sincerely take this matter very seriously. All the old factories old machines should replace with new ones and on the other hand, the old cars and other vehicles should change their engines as well, so that, it produces less sound.

However, loud sounds are the main cause of both physical and mental stresses. Sometimes the high exposure to noise can cause acoustic trauma and permanent hearing loss. Usually, we heard a high level of noise from pulp and paper factories and besides those metal and mining industries as well. Therefore, if these factories and industries decrease the noise then there will be less noise pollution and people will affect less as well.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article on how to reduce industrial noise pollution.

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce noise in busy workplaces. By implementing these tips, it can have a positive impact on worker’s health and the environment.

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