6 Reputed Mattress Brands For You To Try Out

When it comes to mattresses, going for reputed brands is the best buying strategy.

For mattresses, durability is key. You need to have products that you know will last you a long time because honestly speaking, mattresses are expensive and it isn’t possible for people to frequently change mattresses and splurge on them so much.

Mattresses made by prolific and recognized companies are created with high-quality, long-lasting materials which will last you long. But while durability is important so, are other factors all proper support, comfort, product design, and more.

So in this article, we’re listing out some amazing, well-known mattress brands which will give you great durability and excellent value for the price, with tons of other features. es.


Starting off the list is Casper, a mattress brands that revolutionized the “mattress-in-a-box” concept, by incorporating excellent features that can lead to spinal pain relief and back support, which will make sure you sleep well throughout the night. The brand offers four main mattress options, which include the Casper Original, the Wave and Nova Hybrid, and the Element. Amongst them, the Casper Original is perhaps the most prolific for being suitable for all kinds of sleepers, and providing the complete package of breathability, cooling, support, comfort, and affordability. The Nova Hybrid offers cooling and comfort, whereas the Wave provides relief from back and shoulder pains. The Element model, which is an all-purpose mattress, is their most affordable option.


Moving to more luxurious options, we have the Puffy mattress, a company that is known and loved for its unique and one-of-a-kind memory foam and hybrid models. Puffy is entirely internet-based, so you’ll have to go over to their website if you want to purchase their products, where they offer a variety of bed and sleep products like pillows, bed-sheets, and more along with their mattresses. Amongst all the models that they bring to you, including the Puffy Royal and just the Puffy, the Puffy Lux is one that takes the cake in terms of value and price, as it offers both cooling and comfort at an affordable price-tag. To know more about it, check out this review by The Sleep Shop thesleepshopinc.com/puffy-lux-mattress-review


Gone are the days when mattresses were supposed to be just another lack-luster item for the home. Mattresses are supposed to be special, and that is exactly what Tuft-And-Needle brings to you: high-quality memory foam mattresses that will make every sleep one remember. An Arizona-based Mattress brands, Tuft-And-Needle Is most popular mattress is the Tuft And Needle Original, which comes with two premium memory foam layers and provides amazing support, cooling and ventilation, and is created with highly durable and long-lasting material. They also offer a “Mint Mattress” that comes with three-layers of memory foam and microbe protection, as well as a special hybrid model.


A lot of people tend to make “affordability” synonymous with “cheap” but that’s not what you should be doing at all! Affordable means giving you great quality products at prices that won’t leave you with an empty pocket and crippling buyer’s remorse. Allswell gives you affordable mattresses, which cost only a fraction of other mattresses but still come with stand-out features and high critic and customer ratings. The Allswell Hybrid is quite a favorite amongst people, as it has a combination of coils and memory foam for a well-balanced sleeping experience that is suitable for all sleepers. Though they have more expensive models as well, even the ones that are lower-priced are reliable and amazing. Another great thing about them is that they have a medium height, which is great as many mattresses tend to be too tall.

Sleep Number

Coming in at number five is Sleep Number – a criminally underrated Mattress brands. Offering the perfect mattresses for couples, Sleep Number mattresses come equipped with adjustable air chambers, which allow for customization in terms of firmness, on each side of the bed. On top of that, there are biometric sensors that allow the mattresses to adjust accordingly in case you switch positions. Talk about the heights of customization! Firmness is an important factor when it comes to mattresses, as it determines the kind of bodily support you’ll get as well as the alignment of the head, shoulders, and spine. Sleep Number mattresses combine the latest sleep technology, with features of plushness and comfort to give you an all-rounded experience.


Last but not least is the iconic Layla mattress which is known for its amazing memory foam mattresses that come with adjustable firmness levels. If you are someone who is indecisive about firmness, with your preference switching between soft and firm, then Layla mattresses are perfect for you. You can change the support and firmness levels by flipping the mattress over. On top of that, the mattress covers are incorporated with copper that ensures cooling and breathability. Layla offers two main model choices – The Original Layla, and the Layla Hybrid. Their mattresses are great for side-sleepers and back-sleepers as they offer excellent pressure relief and prevent you from sinking in.


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