Precautions for Baby Comfort in Summers

We expect extremely hot weather this time around. The sun has started to show it's the real side with summers on a harsher front.

We expect extremely hot weather this time around. The sun has started to show it’s the real side with summers on a harsher front. Living in the warmer parts of the world makes it even more difficult for you to adjust. Imagine, if adults like you find it difficult to adapt to the situation, how would kids fare against that scorching heat? It’s up to you, the caretaker for the baby to comfortably beat the heat with proper precautions in advance. It doesn’t just end where you use those baby boy summer rompers but something a lot more complete. Let’s find out about your responsibilities for the season.


Clothing requires you to think like a parent but from the perspective of the child. If the heat makes you uncomfortable, most likely the baby already is. If you don’t want any effort regarding clothes from your side, purchase clothes with ventilation. Short sleeves clothes are recommended but only if they are made of light cotton. Totally boycott synthetic or any other fabric other than cotton. Always try to purchase light colored baby boys summer outfits as dark colors absorb more heat. Shoes and socks are not necessary for infants who have not learned to walk yet. Carry some coverings if you are likely to expose to some cold air conditioning.


Sleeping is a sensitive portion of the day and this is where a child spends two-thirds of his time. Make sure you have given enough feeding to the child before sleeping to keep him hydrated for long hours. Do not forget to use blankets made of cotton being equally breathable for the child. Put a child in overnight diapers and he will be fine for the weather. Make sure the room temperature is appropriate. Set the temperature of the air conditioner at 25° C and you’ll be fine. If you use an air cooler, make sure the water is clean. The baby’s head must not be exposed to the blower directly. If you are using a cooling system like a portable air conditioner, make sure it is not too close to your baby. 

Taking the child out for a walk:

Always check the temperature before heading out. Make sure you avoid the hottest part of the day which is between 11 to 2 p.m. Timings are just as important as keeping the baby cool enough at night. The evening time during sunset works out really well with those beautiful views. Even if you want to use a baby carrier, make sure it has light fabric so that the baby doesn’t feel enveloped in hot surroundings. As soon as you start to feel hot, it means the baby is too. Just head back towards a cooler environment.


As mentioned above, if the baby is still breastfeeding, give him plenty for enough hydration. If not, consult a doctor or a personal dietitian to find the perfect diet throughout the day. Give him lots of fruits to cool down the body temperature. Powdered milk is handy in situations where the stuff gets ruined due to heat. The water must be boiled to prevent diseases.

After 6 months, the baby’s immunity is quite delicate and you need to protect it. Keep the baby away from anything adversely affecting his health. Choose the right clothes and diet and implement those procedures correctly.


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