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Las Vegas is an area of the nation that has probably the highest marriages rates in America. You’ve heard the horror stories, people meet someone in Las Vegas, then go to a quick-chapel and get married. This is nothing new, but unfortunately, many of these marriages don’t end well, or they need to be annulled. Why? Well, because you married a complete stranger, or for whatever else reason, maybe you realize they’re not the right one for you.

Not only that, but a lot of people don’t realize that these chapels are in fact legally binding, just like a real wedding in Las Vegas. Fortunately, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If one of these situations (or any others like it) are for you, then we’ll give you some tips on how to get your marriage annulled in Las Vegas.

What Types of Annulments are Available?

There are two most common types of annulments that you can get in Las Vegas. Both of them are rather affordable, and you can avoid having to go through court processes when you use Nevada Quick Divorce Experts. You don’t have to hire an expensive attorney and they’re able to do all the documentation necessary to prepare your divorce. You can choose a joint petition annulment or a complaint annulment. Both of them include the filing fee when you file.

A joint petition annulment is an agreement between both parties so both of them need to sign (it’s similar to an uncontested divorce). A complaint annulment only requires one party to sign. It only takes a judge a day or so in order to sign the petition, and you don’t have to go through any state annulment hearings. If you live in Nevada, or even if you establish a 6-week residence, or if you have a Nevada military Leave of Earnings Statement (LES), then these qualify you for extremely quick annulment service.

Does it Cost a Lot?

We said affordable, and that being said, you do have the right to have a speedy process for your annulment. While annulments do cost a little more than a regular divorce in Nevada, but it is still extremely cheap. A joint annulment costs less than four hundred dollars and a complaint annulment costs less than five hundred.

Is it Easy to Get Your Marriage Annulled?

Actually, there are numerous things that can hinder your right to get an annulment in Nevada, but fortunately using a company like the Nevada Quick Divorce Experts can help find out if you qualify and get all of your necessary paperwork done. It’s actually a pretty complex process because there are a lot of laws that govern the dissolution of marriage.


When you’re needing an annulment quick and easy, there are only a handful of experts that can help you do this without hiring an attorney. Don’t become one of those horror stories in Nevada. And maybe you’ll have better luck next time you need to find the love of your life (if you want our personal advice… wait to get married for a little while, even if you meet the love of your life in Vegas!).

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