How to Find A Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Nowadays, claims for damages, especially personal injury cases, are prevalent in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Personal injuries could result from negligence or wrongdoing from another party. In such injury cases, it is crucial to hire a reputable Philadelphia personal injury attorney as you can recover financially from your claim, given that you win the case.

The following tips will help you find the perfect personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia:

Check For Recommendations and Referrals

Spanning nearly 11 miles, the segment of Roosevelt Road, Philadelphia had more fatal crashes (26), deaths (30), and alcohol-involved fatalities (7) recently.

One of the essential things you need to check for referrals and recommendations. You will find it relatively easy to hire a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, as there are numerous law firms in this city. It is advisable to go through their websites and look for testimonials from past clients. 

You can also rely on referrals from friends, family, co-workers, or other people you trust. Some lawyers may offer referral fees for clients who bring them new clients, but you should avoid such offers since it could be a sign of incompetence.

Explore the Lawyers’ Fees

Before you contact an attorney for personal injury cases in Philadelphia to hire them. You should find out about their fees. The best lawyers offer free consultations. But they might charge a fee for discussing your issue and providing advice in most cases.

You need to ask the attorney whether they are willing to work with you on a contingent basis instead of an hourly billing or flat rate. It means that if you win your case. You will pay the lawyer a percentage of your settlement instead of an hourly rate.

Inquire About Current Cases

It is essential to ask the attorney whether they have recently handled similar cases in Philadelphia so that you can understand their chances of winning when they take on your case. 

You should also check what damage amounts were recovered in these cases.

Match the Attorneys’ Experience and Reputation with Your Case

It is essential to find out about the attorney’s experience and reputation when you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. You can ask friends, family members, or co-workers who have recently hired such lawyers.

You should also read online reviews by past clients since they provide an insight into. And how Philadelphia personal injury lawyers perform in handling their cases. It is necessary to go for a lawyer with positive reviews from past clients since you are likely to win your case if they have experience in this area of law.

Ask Your Lawyer About Their Track Record

It is advisable to ask your lawyer about their track record when looking for a Philadelphia personal injury attorney. If they have experience, there is a greater chance that they will win the case.

You should also get references from other lawyers since it provides an insight into how easy it is to win cases with that attorney.

Determine Whether They Have a Reputation of Litigating Cases for First-Timers

The best personal injury lawyer will have a reputation for litigating first-timers and winning the case against big insurance companies. You win your issue if you hire a reputable personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. And you can recover financially through your claim.


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