When Should You Choose Bullet Fabrics Over Other Kinds of Fabrics

Bullet fabrics, more commonly known as Liverpool fabrics or blend spandex, have gained a significant amount of popularity in the current fashion world. Unlike other fabrics that are smooth on both sides, bullet fabrics are textured on one side and smooth on the other. 

One of the many special characteristics of this kind of fabric is that it is highly elastic, but the material also holds its strength owing to its rigidity. The fabric is similar to a crepe but has more weight to it. On the other hand, bullet fabrics are less flowy, making them perfect for pants or blazers. 

Moreover, you can design loose-fitting or skin-hugging clothes with this kind of fabric owing to its elasticity and rigidity. Besides, bullet fabrics are very versatile wherein they come in different textures, colors, and qualities. So, no matter what you are using them for, you might be able to find the best fabric for your needs. 

If you have not worked with this kind of fabric before, you can order some from online marketplaces to create clothing and accessories of your choice. 

But, when should you choose bullet fabric over other available fabrics? 

If you want the dress or the design to fall straight

Bullet fabric is more structured than other types of fabrics. So whatever you design with it will fall straight and not crumple up. From long circle skirts to short skirts, any skirt you would design will fall straight. These characteristics make them an ideal choice for pants or skirts. 

You want the knit texture but an easy-to-work fabric 

There are other types of fabrics in the market as well that have the same texture but are way more stretchy than they need to be. On the other hand, bullet fabrics are easier to work with since they strike the right balance between elasticity and rigidity. So, fashion designers or tailors who do not have ample experience in sewing can use this fabric to make clothing and accessories since it is easier to control than other fabrics that are too flowy. 

When you need to highlight the body figure

Numerous fabrics work wonders to highlight the body figure, but they can often be clingy and uncomfortable to wear. At the same time, bullet fabrics are both comfortable and clingy. It might be a heavier fabric, but it has enough elasticity to hug the skin and accentuate the figure comfortably since it is made from spandex. If you are plan to make yourself a cocktail dress, consider making it with bullet fabric. 

If you are looking for something durable

Despite being stretchable, textured, easy to sew, and comfortable, Liverpool fabrics are also highly durable. Since they are a medium-weight fabric. They do not wear down easily like other fabrics making them a perfect choice for blazers. So, if you are planning to wear a couple of blazers for the whole season. It considers making them with bullet fabric. 
These are some cases where you should choose bullet fabric over any other type of fabric. They are easily available on online marketplaces, and you will find them in a plethora of textures and colors.


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