Learn About Diamonds: 5 Interesting Things to Know

Diamonds are one of the precious gems that top the center stone for engagement rings since it has become a traditional way to propose to a lady who a man wants to marry. And this tradition has been carried up to modern days. So before planning to buy some diamonds it will be wise to know about them. Since customized rings are now trending it will be good to know wholesale diamond dealers of custom diamond rings in Dallas and Learn about diamonds: 5 interesting things to know.

What does a diamond ring symbolize?

A diamond ring can symbolize a lot of things. Traditionally they are used for engagement rings which means they can symbolize love and commitment. Some may also use them as anniversary gifts so it can mean more. The symbol of diamond rings can depend on how they are used and what they are used for. Precious stones can equal precious moments or people. The word diamond means indestructible or invincible which originated from the word “Adamas” which is a Greek word. That’s why diamond rings are used to symbolize relationships because a firm relationship can be like diamonds indestructible if taken care of properly by both parties. 

Where Does Diamond Come From?

Diamonds take billions of years to be formed which adds up to their value. They are considered the hardest natural substance on earth and that’s why their durability can stand the test of time. They are formed under earth layers around 90 to 120 miles deep. Under high temperatures from 900 to 1300 degrees Celsius and pressure 45to 50 kilobars. This activity causes kimberlite and molten lamproite to form in the earth’s mantle and expand at a rapid rate. The expansion causes magma to erupt then push it to the earth’s surface and bring along diamond-bearing rocks. This is how diamonds reach the earth’s surface and are mined by people. 

Are all Diamonds Colorless? 

Diamonds are known to be colorless however diamonds can be found in different colors such as blue, green, orange, black, pink, and red. However colored diamonds are rare and hard to find. The most commonly mined are colorless diamonds. Those are made mainly of carbon while other colors are made by other elements that are why they are rare. 

How is Diamonds Weight Measured? 

Diamonds are weighed in carats, which was derived from the Greek word keration. Keration is the Greek word for carob tree, the seed of this tree is used as the basis for measurement of precious gems centuries back because the seeds vary in weight. Diamonds are priced per carat so their weight is relevant when buying one. Carats and cuts determine mainly the prices of the diamonds

What are Diamonds Made of?

Diamonds are mainly made of carbon. The binding of atoms makes it unique and responsible for giving a high value to diamonds. The carbon is subject to intense heat and pressure under the earth’s continental crust and forms there for billions of years before it can reach the earth’s surface. The carbon component of diamonds is graphite which is the same as the lead in the pencil. The only difference is how molecules are bonded together. Colorless diamonds are mainly made of carbon while colored diamonds have different ways of being formed. For instance, boron can make diamonds with a shade of gray. Hydrogen can cause diamonds to have a violet or blue color. And green diamonds are formed by radiation. 


5 interesting things to know and you will be able to know how to pick the best diamond when you are buying one. As a customer, it will be wise for you to get educated about diamonds since you will be spending a lot of money on them. Then to get the best buy know more about diamonds and you will surely get your money’s worth once you buy one. Diamonds are precious and never fade as part of the fashion industry. So if you are planning to buy diamonds for yourself or someone special to you then you are making the right decision. But make sure to be familiar with one first so you will have smooth shopping.


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