Kia Cerato 2021 Review: Innovative Features That Make It Worth Your Money

The Kia Cerato is an interesting car that brings a new meaning to the Kia family. Kia has always been heralded for making affordable and reliable cars. Now, they have gone above and beyond by introducing Kia Cerato to their line-up of vehicles.

Many people might be wondering about Kia’s decision to add another model to their range. The company has made sure not to disappoint by including some features that make it worth your money, like its Bluetooth connectivity!

The Kia Cerato has a sleek, sporty style that looks elegant and classy. The Kia logo on the grill of this car will let you know that it means business. With its daring lines and aggressive stance, this sedan stands out among other vehicles within its price range. In this Kia Cerato review, we will be exploring what makes this car so special.

What’s So Interesting About the Kia Cerato 2021?

The Kia Cerato 2021 is a car that includes all of the requirements for someone looking to get into their first sedan, and the latest model is a massive upgrade from its predecessors.

Right off the bat, you can notice the new grille that stretches from the car’s small face to its new slimmed-down headlights. The rear styling of the hatch is similar to the previous model. Still, the 2021 Kia Cerato picks up fresh taillights and a newly designed rear bumper. However, the exterior is not the only place where Kia has made changes to its successful Cerato. You can now find all variants of the Kia Cerato 2021, equipped with rear AC vents for the backseat passenger and other safety features that we will cover in this review.

Additionally, the Kia Cerato 2021 “S” model comes with an 8.0-inch infotainment system, whereas the other variants come with a slightly bigger 10.25-inch system. The difference is not noticeable, because you will be controlling your infotainment system with steering-mounted control.

Kia Cerato 2021 Features

The Kia Cerato 2021 is a car that not only looks good but has some great features to match. One of its most talked-about features is the incorporation of natural sounds that play as you drive. The car uses its amazing sound system to produce natural sounds of the sea, wind, or birds chirping for a comfortable and relaxed drive. That’s not all; the Kia Cerato 2021 comes with a pedestrian detection system that mitigates accidents on the road. The Kia Cerato 2021 has exceptional driving pleasure with the Autonomous Emergency Braking system (AEB) for more control and stability.

1.  Kia Cerato 2021: Safety Features Review

The Kia Cerato has every safety feature you could ever want in a car, including blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and lane follow assist. The reversing camera will help prevent any accidents while parking your vehicle by clearly displaying the distance to objects behind or beside it. You’ll be able to see potential hazards from up ahead with front-facing sensors that alert drivers when they’re getting too close for comfort and rear cross-traffic alerts keep vehicles coming from both directions at all times visible on the screen so you can make safe decisions about whether or not it’s worth squeezing through an opening before someone else gets there first!

Kia has outfitted the 2021 Cerato with tons of high-tech features made specifically for those always looking out for danger. Kia has made it its mission to ensure that these features are available in all of the Kia Cerato’s variants.

2. Driving Pleasure

The large wheel of the Kia Cerato might not seem like a good choice for the road, but its suspension is quite sturdy. You won’t feel any bumps on the roads nor will you notice any ups and downs. Kia has designed the Kia Cerato 2021 to make you feel like you’re driving on a cloud with its smooth and comfortable drive.

The Kia Cerato is one of Kia’s most successful models because it offers an outstanding value for money, as well as all those adrenaline-inducing features that we love so much. The GT version of the Cerato has more power and can storm through the road without causing delays in acceleration. The same can be said for its other variants because the Kia Cerato 2021 is built around the idea of extended and excellent driving pleasure.

Where the Kia Cerato 2021 Failed to Make a Point

While all seems perfect with the new Kia Cerato, there are some places where the brand missed a few points. For instance, the tuning of the Kia Cerato feels a bit off for the Australian market because of COVID19 and travel restrictions. Previously, Kia used to invite motherland engineers to manage the tuning and steering controls of the car. However, due to COVID19 restrictions, Kia had to work with older parts and assumptions.

In a Nutshell

In summary, the Kia Cerato 2021, is worth the money but upgrading from your previous model depends on personal preference. Although the 2021 Cerato is a massive improvement over its previous models, it might not be ready for the Australian market primarily because of COVID19 travel restrictions. However, if you are looking for a sedan and Kia Cerato falls within your budget, don’t think twice and opt for the 2021 Cerato. The Cerato is a much better choice compared to its competitors, and it’s more durable as well.

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