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Pool heaters can be extremely useful at warming up swimming areas but are mostly used for instant temperature increase in a heated spa. If you know which model you need, you’ll get the most benefits. Enjoying warm water in your private pool over the year is a real blessing.

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With so many models of heating units on offer, it’s sometimes really hard to choose. Still, you don’t buy a pool heater because of the trend, but out of necessity. So you have to find the one that suits your swimming area and your needs best. In order not to make a purchase quickly and make a mistake, it’s good to know some things before buying.

Know the Size

Pool heater sizes are usually measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), which is an easy way to compare them. These outputs range from 35,000 up to about 600,000 BTUs. To estimate the appropriate unit size for your outdoor pool, follow the following steps:

Check and see what the actual temperature will be in your swimming area. That will give you a good idea of how much power you’ll need to run the heating unit. You should also consider the number of people being in the water at the same time.

The size of the pool heater is also determined by the volume of water you want to warm up. If you have a smaller-sized swimming area, you can get away with a smaller device. Still, if it’s large enough to fit a standard heater, you should look at getting a bigger and more potent unit. A bigger device means that the water will be heated quicker and spread evenly.


Some heating units found on the market have many extra features, like an LCD screen, pressure sensors, automatic switcher, etc. Many of these have a purpose as they ease the use of this device. Still, some of them just increase pool water heater cost and make you look for another model.

Many people still like to manually switch the unit on and off, as they don’t trust modern technology. They can opt for more ‘mechanical’ models with standard settings. These happen to be more durable and resistant to external factors, but not much attractive.

Common Heater Types

Gas-powered heaters are the more common models used for providing optimal swimming and bathing conditions. They are typically powered either by propane or natural gas tanks. They are less expensive to run than other heating units, but it also means they are less reliable and need more maintenance than newer models.

A solar heater doesn’t produce heat in the same way that a conventional gas model does. It has panels on the top of the heater to absorb the sunlight and turn to energy to warm up the water. These panels keep the desired temperature of your swimming area for a long time. Also, un-powered heaters are safe, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance.

Cost Comparison

You can obtain the outdoor pool heater’s estimated cost from your local pool dealer or home improvement store. Once you have received this figure, it will be easy to get the right size of the unit, as you’ll know what budget you need. See here when buying this device has no use.

Ensure that you buy a heater rated for the amount of heat you need in your pool. Keep in mind that outdoor swimming areas that use propane or natural gas will generally require lower-priced devices than pools that use electricity.

It’s also essential that you consider the expenses of repairs if the heating unit breaks down. You should calculate the costs of replacing the filter and tank regularly. If you opt for a gas model, consider how long the fuel source will last.

No matter how you want to heat water in your swimming area, you need a device that gives you the most for the price you paid. In order for the unit to work optimally, it’s necessary to regularly maintain your pool and all features in it. When everything works perfectly, then you can fully enjoy swimming.

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