How To Design Your Graduation Announcements Cards


After several years of hard work, you’re finally completing your education. But before you walk across that stage and get your diploma, there’s one thing you might want to consider: How do you plan to share this special moment with your loved ones? Are they going to be there in person to watch? Will they see it via Zoom or meet you after the ceremony? What if your loved ones don’t live nearby or you aren’t planning to walk at the ceremony? The best way to celebrate your accomplishment is through a graduation announcement. If you’re hoping to create a graduation card and send them out to your family members and friends, here’s how to design your graduation announcement. Gather everything you want to include on your card.

First, you’ll need to write down all of the details involving your graduation. This is the easy part! Jot down your school name, the degree type, and any honors you may have earned, as well as the graduation year. These are the typical details you’ll find on graduation announcements cards. The difficult part about designing a grad announcement is probably acquiring the photo that’ll grace the front of the card. Some people opt for their senior photos, while others choose photos taken on the big day. It all depends on when you plan to send your graduation card. Are you fine with sending the announcement well after your graduation ceremony, or would you prefer to send your announcement beforehand? If you already have senior photos, you might want to gather those files sooner rather than later. But if you want to use a photo of you in your cap and gown, then schedule a few photos to be taken as you’re wearing them.

Find a Website that Allows You to Design Your Graduation Announcement

The next step is to find a site that allows you to design your announcement. Mixbook is a great platform where you can choose different templates for your custom graduation announcement. The site is actually known for helping you create one-of-a-kind keepsakes and photo products. They know how much it means to you to create personalized photo book prints, calendars, cards, or even home decor. The company was first founded in 2006 and began with cards and prints. Eventually, it launched calendars and home decor. With the intuitive and easy platform, you can upload your photos from anywhere and start designing your graduation announcements. Plus, the graduation card templates available are just one way for you to start. So, you can easily change the background or the layout, and you can even add other graphics and stickers.

Customize a Template to Create a Graduation Announcement that’s Personal to You

For this step, you choose anything from cards that show off your school colors or feature some inspirational words. You can even add custom foil text and change the font sizes and colors. Choose from different paper finishes, such as satin, signature matte, pearl, and cotton texture. You can pick different trims like rounded corners, double round, ticket, crest, and square. Add the photos of your choice and enter in the details you’ve gathered from the previous steps. If you don’t want to choose a pre-designed theme, you can use their editor to start with a completely blank canvas. Allow your creativity to shine and personalize your own announcements with a unique touch. So, add a funny quote, put in some of your favorite photos, share your greetings, or add sayings from your mentors.

Mixbook allows you to customize and design your graduation announcements from premade designs or completely from scratch! Regardless of which option you choose to go with, you’ll guarantee yourself the perfect way to share your accomplishment with the people you love.

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