Crazy for Dumbbell Workout: Follow this routine

To build the muscle and chest one can do many exercises but the dumbbell workout routine is most preferred. The body will get transformed within a month

To build the muscle and chest one can do many exercises but the dumbbell workout routine is most preferred. The body will get transformed within a month if a proper plan is there for a man to do the exercise. So for the same dumbbell workout routine must be added to the daily exercising routine of a man. When it comes to dumbbell workout routine all we know is how to complete the sets in the desired time or how to increase the weight to achieve the desired goal. But the workout is more than these things which a person may know. Workout means keeping your body in such a manner that it will give you a hundred percent result. A fit body and a healthy mind will always work in the right direction. So a plan needs to be there to keep the body fit of a man.

The plan needs to be followed is given below-

Few steps are to be followed to get the best results from a dumbbell workout routine are:

1. Split the body part on which you want to give effects:

Yes first divide that on which day you are going to exercise through dumbbells for which part of the body that are back, chest arm and so on. This will help to get the desired results according to the needs of the person who is working out.

2. Structured workout plan:

Yes, it is important to give a direction to your dumbbell workout routine that you have to decide the number of sets you are going to do. Even you have to give the label to the sets that are from hard, medium and normal. The labeling will be given according to the weight of the dumbbells. This will help to increase the capacity of the person who is doing it.

3. Take a proper meal along with exercise:

Yes, a proper meal is to be taken along with the dumbbell exercise to get the best results. Now, you are having the best-structured plan in your hand. The very next step which has to be add-on is the proper meal which will support the exercise and will lead to better results.

Why not be so quick?

Being so quick while exercising will not help as muscles take time to develop and the pain will be there when you start doing the dumbbell exercise. Therefore being quick will lead to problems like a muscle tear. Instructors always ask to be slow while increasing the number of sets or the weight while starting with the dumbbell exercise. The muscle tear and pain is the only reason why they say so. Muscle tear could lead to many other problems therefore proper care has to be given to it while doing the dumbbell chest workout. You may also search for the other effects of being quick while doing exercise and you will find that there are many adverse effects of the same.

Why should we not go for any other exercise?

When you go for any other exercise you will not get the maximum results which you are attaining after doing this. Henceforth, go for this exercise as they are quite effective. You may also check other methods to perform the chest exercise. You will get many options to do the same and you can compare all of them to find the best. But always remember to perform the exercise under the guidance of the instructor as this will help you to eliminate any kind of problem.


We have discussed how the dumbbell workout routine will help to build the good shape of muscles and the chest for a man. Also, it will help to increase the strength of the body. You will feel fresh and more confident after going for a dumbbell workout routine. The workout routine is the one thing which is being added in the daily routine of almost every person nowadays. Therefore you cannot for the same with the help of proper guidance and instructions. One can also follow the above-mentioned chest workout routine plan to start. We would love to know your reviews on the above topic, please comment below.


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