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The Bluetooth speaker is very convenient for listening to music everywhere with quality sound. If you like to listen to music but do not have a Bluetooth speaker yet, here are 5 good reasons to buy one!

With convenience as the main benefit, the Bluetooth speaker has it all! Without cables, it allows you to listen to music anywhere: in the bathroom, in the car, at the beach or at a picnic. If you hesitate to buy one, here are 5 good reasons that will make you change your mind.

If you think a Bluetooth speaker is necessarily expensive or expensive because it is a concentrate of technology, think again: the Bluetooth speaker is not reserved for those who have money. The good news is that it targets the general public and its price is very affordable. For only ten euros, you can afford a suitable model with a good sound. But be aware that its price differs from one manufacturer to another and depends on its features.

5 to 10 hours of battery life, that’s what most Bluetooth speakers offer to their future buyers. There are even some who offer the double, and it goes up to 24 hours of autonomy for the model Beo Play A1 Bang & Olufsen! What fun until the early morning if you plan to organize a party without the need to recharge your wireless speaker?

This is one of the major advantages of this small device. There’s no need to lug around everywhere to listen to music. With simple Bluetooth activation, the device turns on, and you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can broadcast your favorite music easily and everywhere since your nomadic speaker slips easily into your bag.

Another advantage that will appeal to the greatest music lovers: the Bluetooth speaker accompanies us everywhere. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the terrace … Are you going to take a shower? Bring your device into the bathroom or install it squarely on the edge of the bathtub if it is waterproof and listen to the sound of music. Are you planning to party in your garden? Think your Bluetooth speaker with you! Its nomadic format is thought to be able to follow you everywhere. Compact, easy to carry, very often waterproof and provided with a carabiner or a bicycle stand, it can be taken with us whatever the activity.

It is clear that the Bluetooth speaker offers a much better sound quality than a smartphone or tablet. Indeed, as it is much more powerful, the sound is optimized. If you want maximum sound power, invest without hesitation in more compact speakers. Before buying the Bluetooth speaker must ready reviews about mini or other computer speakers at saimdeals, it will really help you in selection of good product.

The disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers

Let’s go now to the news a little less good, the disadvantages.

  • No settings possible: Unfortunately there are very few mobile speakers with an equalizer to perfectly adjust the sound according to your preferences. However, it is sometimes possible to do it directly on your phone.
  • Sometimes average sound quality: I speak here mainly entry level speakers that sometimes tend to bet everything on the bass which has the effect of absorbing the rest of the frequencies unfortunately.
  • Autonomy deteriorating over time: After about a year I noticed that most of my Bluetooth speakers tended to lose a little in their autonomy. I estimate this loss at about 30% so it’s not really negligible!
  • Well, that’s about all I had to say about the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth nomad speakers, I hope you helped!
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