How to Craft Award-Winning Office Training Programs

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An award-winning training program is not exclusive to billion-dollar companies. Even small businesses need to come up with an effective training approach to improve their workforce. Read on and we’ll let you know how to craft award-winning and effective training programs.

#1. Identify Needs and Goals

Most training programs start with the identification of why they are necessary and what the organization wishes to achieve after its successful implementation. An assessment of the knowledge and skills of the employees will be a good beginning, which can help identify the gaps. In turn, the management will know what the training needs to cover.

#2. Seek Outside Help

In many instances, it will be best to rely on outside help to train employees rather than relying on in-house trainers. Companies like True Office Learning can lend a helping hand by creating customized courseware to achieve the training needs and goals of an organization. You can hire resource persons from outside the organization to bring in some fresh perspectives.

#3. Break It Down

This is where the concept of microlearning becomes important in the design of training programs. It should be broken down into smaller units that will be easier for the learner to digest and comprehend. For instance, the training can include several three to five-minute videos. With bite-sized training assets, it will be easier for employees with short attention spans.

#4. Add Entertainment Value

Use games to train employees to make it entertaining and engaging. If the training is purely in-classroom discussions, they may end up getting bored! You can also make it more entertaining by using props, telling real-world stories, playing music, and shortening the duration, among other things.

#5. Make It Accessible

It is also important that the training programs are accessible round-the-clock. Even when they are on their commute to work or when they are doing nothing at home, employees should be able to access the modules. They should be available, as well, in mobile formats for seamless viewing on mobile phones.

#6. Spend Money

To make the most out of the training program, organizations need to spend money. Employee training is an investment that can yield significant rewards in the future when done right. It is going to be money well-spent since it can improve the core competencies of the workforce.

#7. Measure Results

The management needs to measure training effectiveness to make sure that they are getting a return on investment. This can be done by gathering feedback from the participants or from measuring the job performance of the employees to see if they are applying the things they learned during their training.

From the identification of goals to measuring results, we tackled some of the most important elements that should be present in an award-winning training program. Take note of these things to maximize the returns of the training in your organization.

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