Build ABS Fast with the Best Apps for AB Workouts

I’ve been telling my best friend non-stop that my goal before summer is to find the perfect six-pack workout and sculpt myself a set of abs. I think he finally got sick of me telling him that because he recently sent me a link to a website with a list of the top ab workout apps.

Best 10 Ab Workout Apps

I thought it couldn’t hurt to check it out and for the past few weeks, I’ve been using them non-stop. I’ve been able to put together a daily routine that works for me and I’m already starting to see real progress. I’ve compiled a list of my top three favorite apps (from those that I’ve tried) so I could share them with you below!

Six Pack In 30 Days – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 1M

What’s so amazing about Six Pack In 30 days is that, in only 10-15 minutes a day, you’ll learn how to build the perfect six-pack; and from a personal trainer, no less. There are tutorials that focus on helping you do the exercises right so you don’t accidentally injure yourself. You will also be able to access 50+ muscle building lessons and over 30 different exercises to help you build muscle where you want it.

Just know that, although Six Pack in 30 Days is free to download and use, you will see ads on the screen. If you’re someone who despises seeing ads, you may want to keep this in mind before you hit download.

Pros: 10-15 minute lessons, tutorials from a personal trainer, 50+ muscle building lessons

Cons: There are ads.

Overall: While ads are present on the app, you only have to deal with them for the quick and easy 10-15 minutes that the lessons take – that’s it!

Abs Workout – Rating: 4.8, Downloads: 10M

Okay, so yes, this is an app with ab workouts for women, but it has been carefully designed by a professional trainer, and if you want something a little less intensive than the six-pack builder for men, this app is perfect. I like to use it between days I’m using my other ab workout apps to give my body a bit of a break. Plus, you can easily follow exercise videos along with animations to help you get the moves right without fancy gym equipment.

Abs Workout does have an exercise plan that is designed to be completed in 30 days. However, this doesn’t mean you have to complete it in this time period. If this is too intensive for you, I suggest spreading the exercises out over more time.

Pros: Created by a personal trainer, exercise videos, instructional animations

Cons: Designed to be finished in 30 days which may be a bit intense for some users

Overall: As long as you are willing to pace yourself correctly, you’ll love how easy each move is to follow and complete

Six Pack In 30 Days – Rating: 4.9, Downloads: 10M

Six Pack In 30 Days gives you all the information you need to know how to burn belly fat (using 3 different levels of difficulty) with guided workout plans. There are different exercises offered every day to make sure your workouts are fresh and exciting. And, animations and video guides help are there to make sure you’re working both your upper abs and lower abs just right.

Keep in mind that if your focus is more on overall fitness, rather than targeting just the abs, this may not be the app for you. This app is definitely for people who want to focus on creating ab muscle specifically.

Pros: 3 difficulty levels, video and animations guides, works both upper and lower abs

Cons: Only for people who want to focus on building ab muscle

Overall: As long as you want to focus solely on abs, you’ll have all the resources you need to create a strong six-pack


The amount of progress I’ve seen in just a mere amount of weeks is what has made these apps stand out so much for me. I honestly think that if this is something you’ve been wanting to do, these apps will help you get there. I’m so grateful I annoyed my friend enough that he sent me that link, and I can’t wait to see exactly how far this journey to build my abs will take me. I hope these apps will help you out as well.


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