What Is the Best Apps for Day Trading Crypto


The rise of cryptocurrencies is nothing short of extraordinary. Heck, Bitcoin’s being adopted at a faster rate than the internet was back in the day! Why?

In part, because there’s serious money to be made…

Thanks to day trading crypto apps, you can now easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, locking in profits as values rise and fall throughout the day. But first, you have to download the best app for day trading crypto for the job.

Want help with the task? Keep reading to discover the best apps available today.


Binance is one of the biggest names in the crypto trading industry and is one of the best crypto trading apps for individuals, institutions, and/or group traders. A powerful and trusted platform, its basic tools allow users to send, receive, stake, and invest crypto with ease. You can use the Binance Normal normal version for free, or pay for Binance Lite or its Pro version.

With relatively low fees, 500+ supported crypto and tokens, and both credit card and wire transfers available, you can’t go wrong. That said, the user experience might seem too complex for inexperienced traders.


Coinbase is another trusted and all-popular platform- especially for people who want to get started with crypto. There are two main options: Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, with the latter being better suited to people with a deeper understanding of trading.

You can stake, invest, trade, send, and receive all via the app, which supports 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens. Whether you want to buy AXS or trade ETH, Coinbase has you covered. The only downsides are its high fees and its centralized nature.


Dipping your toes into the wonderful world of day trading for the first time? Try eToro. It’s easy to use, quick to set up, and even lets you copy the exact trading strategy of expert traders.

Other benefits include the fact eToro operates within a regulatory framework and, if you grow tired of crypto, you can take up standard stock trading instead. You can make trades as low as $50 but will have to pay fees when you convert fiat to crypto or buy/sell bitcoin.


Look no further than Blockfolio for a superb app for day trading crypto that’s packed full of useful features. As a crypto tracker, it’ll show you important info about your assets/portfolio to make managing them much simpler. Oh, and they literally pay you to trade crypto!

Trading is fee-free and so is the app itself- although its use is restricted to mobile. You can also important key data from your chosen crypto exchange and track prices for more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

Install the Best App for Day Trading Crypto

Finding the best app for day trading crypto is crucial if you plan on devoting time, effort, and money to the cause! Trust us, the apps aren’t all made equal, with everything from their fees to the user experience differing significantly. Separating the good from the bad can be a challenge when you’re new to the game.

If you know the struggle, then we hope this post will help. Stick to the apps on this list and you won’t be disappointed. To learn more about these types of financial topics, browse our blog today.

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