Air Pollution is Severely Affecting The Quality Of Your Life! Here are Some Preventive Measures To Keep It At Bay

It’s not news that a lot of people are losing their lives just because of the excessive air pollution! Some major cities of India are a hub for air pollution

It’s not news that a lot of people are losing their lives just because of the excessive air pollution! Some major cities of India are a hub for air pollution, and the quality of the air in these metropolitans is just un-breathable.

There is a myriad of incurable disease you can get if you are exposed to air pollution for a longer time. From damaged lungs to some malignant disease, you are kids are prone to many fatal diseases.

Don’t panic!

You can take charge of the situation by following some preventive measures. You alone cannot stop the pollution but taking the first step can be a great move.

Here are a few tips you should follow to curtail the harmful effects up to some extent.

Never step outside without a mask

Stepping outside without a mask means inhaling polluted air! A mask is something that keeps you protected from the pollution, and you don’t inhale the infected air. You should buy N95/99 masks as these are affordable and best to cope up with pollution.

Educate your children about the harms of pollution and ask them to wear a mask every time they step outside the home.

Get your bathroom and kitchen ventilated

Appropriate ventilation is the key to deal with air pollution. Never allow air to stand at a place as it can get more dangerous. Make sure that the air is flowing correctly. What you can do is use an exhaust fan of a chimney in your kitchen. You can also install an exhaust inside your bathroom to avoid air clogging.

Air purifiers are your best mate

Where do you spend most of the time of your day? At your home, right!

So why not purify the air of your home?

The best way to purify the air inside your abode is by using a qualitative air purifier. Air purifiers have the capability to suck polluted air and release air that is free from chemicals. There are a plethora of air purifiers available in the market which has a wonderful effect on the quality of air.

So you are not willing to invest in an air purifier?

Well, you can rent one! You can take home an air purifier on rent and can use it without breaking the bank. Some firms are allowing the people to rent air purifiers and other home appliances in Delhi and other cities of India.

Taking steam daily will help

Taking steam regularly is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to cope up with air pollution. Before hitting the bed consider taking steam for 5 minutes. This will help you to clear out the pollutants residing inside your nose and lungs.

You can buy a portable steamer or can take steam directly from a pan by following the appropriate safety measures.

Get the air inside your car cleaned every day

Whenever you get inside your car simply roll down the windows and let the air out. You should follow this ritual every day to get rid of polluted air. Also, use the AC into internal air circulation mode to avoid outside polluted air from getting into your vehicle.

Eat jaggery every day

Jaggery is an affordable and easily locatable thing that is found at almost every general store or supermarket in India. Bring home some jaggery and consume it daily. Jaggery has the power to detoxify your body while flushing out all the harmful elements that can ruin your health. You can consume jaggery into powdered or crystallized form for great benefits.

Plant as much trees as possible

Apart from helping yourself, you should contribute something to nature. Plant some trees into your home for attaining a continuous flow of fresh oxygen. Plant as many trees as possible and sit next to them in the morning. Your lungs will get the freshest air plus you are doing a noble cause by fortifying the environment.

Carpooling is an utmost need

The best way to deal with pollution is to stop increasing it! You can rely on carpooling to decrease the amount of pollution every day. Suppose you are five friends heading towards your office by your personal vehicles. You guys are emitting a lot of pollution for reaching the same destination. Make a carpool plan and get into one vehicle, you will save a lot of fuel, and there will be less pollution outside.

Prevent burning garbage and plastic

Most people have the mentality that only vehicles are responsible for the increasing air pollution. But another thing that is contributing a lot to the air pollution is the gases released from the industries and the garbage and plastic burned at homes.

Don’t burn anything that emits harmful gases and fumes. Whenever you see burning plastic, take another route to avoid breathing the polluted air.

Some imperative things to keep in mind

  •    Avoid using vehicles like rickshaws and auto-rickshaws

Rickshaws and auto-rickshaws are exposed vehicles, and you can get more prone to air pollution if you travel in any of these vehicles. Consider traveling through a covered vehicle or wear a mask if you have to travel using these exposed vehicles.

  •    Don’t step outside if not required

Avoid stepping outside if there is no need. The more you are roaming outside, the more pollution you are inhaling.

  •    Clean the filter of air purifier

Consider cleaning the filter of your air purifier after a particular time slot. It also helps in increasing the longevity of air purifier.

Wrapping it up

A doctor belonging to AIMS even said that leaving Delhi is best to stay away from the severe pollution and its adverse effects. Till now some people have considered fleeing away to other destinations.

If leaving your place is not an option for you then you should follow the tips mentioned above to keep yourself and your kids away from the ill effects of this destructing air pollution. The best way is to bring home an air purifier. Air purifier circulates fresh air inside your home and you get clean air every time.


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