5 Game Changing Style Tips For Men

Dressing well is both a skill and art like anything else and it needs the right understanding of style and fashion. To mark an ever-lasting and best first-impression on your onlookers

Dressing well is both a skill and art like anything else and it needs the right understanding of style and fashion. To mark an ever-lasting and best first-impression on your onlookers, you need to become a best-dressed version of you. To look sharper and stylish than other guys around you, you merely require some simple little right stuff about fashion. Your overall look simply based on the right pairing of your suit, watches, shoes, and sunglasses for men. For example, what type of suit you are going to pair with wooden sunglasses or polarized sunglasses or bamboo sunglasses, will make a huge difference in your personality. Whether you are just a style beginner or simply needs some refreshers on your style knowledge and skills, below we have mentioned the best of the best style tips for men.

#1. Get the Right Fit

Spend some good time on finding that trim but not too tight fit for your body. Your 90% of style problems will get resolved by simply getting the right fit for your body. A perfect fit for your body can even make simple jeans and t-shirt make you look super stylish and surprisingly attractive. This means that your jeans should not be too baggy and shirts should not be too voluminous. Conversely, wearing skin tight clothes is also not a good option. The excess fabric will make you look fatter, shorter, and sloppy. On the other hand, highly fit clothes will excessively highlight your body curves in a weird way.

#2. Pick the Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Over the past few years, sunglasses have evolved in many different ways to elevate your look to a whole new level. Choosing the sunglasses according to your face type is highly important to bring out the best look of your face. The market is loaded with many different types of sunglasses such as round sunglasses, square sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, D-frame sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, and many more. Round sunglass is a best frame square face shape and for round face shape, square sunglasses work best. Do some research on your face type and then choose the best-suited sunglasses that would perfectly complement your overall look and for getting fastest glasses online visit OvernightGlasses.

#3. Class up your Footwear

No matter how well-dressed you are; if your footwear does not bring class then it can simply ruin your overall look. People really notice the footwear you wear especially women so there is no scope of picking the right pair. If you want to create a businesslike or formal look, then go for classic footwear which is well-known for its hidden shoe lacing characteristics. For pairing with jeans, derby shoes work best. If you are going to wear cigarette pants, then monk shoes would be perfect due to their no lacing look. Classic ankle boots are another very popular choice that works well with both jeans and slacks.

#4. Stick to Solid Neutral Colors

Neutral colors work best to give a sharp and smart look on every man. Neutral colors are simply not too overpowering and they can easily work well on any occasion. Try to stay away from powerful and bold colors such as orange and neon green. The most popular neutral colors are black, white, grey, blue, brown, and olive. Plus, try to stay away from prints, graphics design, and quotes written on clothes as much as possible. Expand your horizons and choose best to look sharper.

On the Ending Note

To sum up, your overall look simply depends upon the things that complement your look and personality. Choose things which are in trends such as polarized sunglasses and bamboo sunglasses.


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