Career After Completion Masters In Media Sciences

If you have got a degree in media studies then you have chances to apply in more than one fields. Detail of jobs is given below:

Media Planner

As a media planner, your task will be to suggest which media platform will be best for your customer/client product. In this field, you will work with media agencies and with advertising agencies as well. Purpose of your work will be to maximize the growth of advertising campaign through a proper media platform.  With good working skills, you can enhance your campaign to the accurate target audience. Media planner usually works with radio, television, and press.

What did they do?

As a media planner, your work can include the following:

You have to work with your client with your team to understand the business of your client after that you can set advertisement strategies.

Sometimes you can work with different people at the same time so you must have the ability to work on different task at the same time.

When it comes about making a decision, must have the ability to make a decision on media about an accurate platform.

Usually, the main and important task is to search the target audience to start the advertisement campaign.

Another task during this job can be, representing proposal in front of the client about what you will do to raise their business on media.

Maintain the used record and organize them, further another task can be proofreading and editing of the advertisement to make it more accurate and perfect before sending on a media platform.


Salary in every filed depends on your performance and talent level as well as your seniority level.


You must have well:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Skills to understand client demand and satisfied him regarding work.
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure

Public relations officer

As a public relation officer, your job will be to maintain repute. This filed include the task to understand your client demand and provide them support, also try to influence judgment.

You will use all forms of media like communication, your plan to manage the repute of your client through various organizations. You may communicate with a third party in search of a target audience for the advertisement campaign. In the end, you will report all the information and progress with your client.


Responsibilities may include:

Scheduling and implementing public relation strategies to achieve your goal.

Answering to quarries from media and clients which may include various organizations as well, through email and telephone.

One important responsibility can be organizing the public relation aspects, in a critical situation.

Another task can be managing the updating information on social media, such as facebook and twitter.


Salary depends on your qualification as well as skills to deal with clients.

  • Skills
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to understand your client demands.
  • Provide them according to their demand and expectations.
  • Social Media Manager

Task as a social media writer and essay writers in Dubai is to lead an organization strategy with an aim to increase visibility and client’s appointment. This task usually involves running an online presence through developing a strategy and providing good content, providing customer service, and to look after the media campaigns.


To plan a strategy and set goals to enhance the awareness about the brand and enhance rendezvous.

  • Manage all kind of social media channels like twitter and facebook and make promotions through these media platform.
  • Develop such campaigns that can promote your brand or product.
  • Write blogs and articles for the promotion and awareness of your brand.
  • Manage your social media pages/websites and respond to your viewers to enhance sales.
  • Hire junior media staff to manage social media campaigns.
  • Arrange a meeting with your clients it can be face to face, on call or through email or Skype.


This filed offer reasonable salary according to your expertise level.


  • Must have knowledge of how to use social media platform
  • Awareness of search engine optimization
  • Good organization skills.
  • Good communication skills so you can talk with your clients and as well as on social media with the users and subscribers.
  • Good skills in planning and implementing the ideas
  • Power and skills to lead a team

Alternative jobs

If you did not job in the above departments you can job as a news reporter, you can host a show, camera operator and broadcast engineers too. So your job basically based on your skills and qualification


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