4 Powerful Reasons Why Sites Should Switch to HTTPS

Jus the single letter “S” can make all the difference between achieving a desirable rank on the internet and not being visible at all.

The first usage of the term Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP) dates back to the year 1999. HTTP has been the foundation of all types of communication on the internet ever since. Everything that is sent between the server and the client including information, data and content are transmitted through the HTTP.

But the communication over the HTTP has ceased to be as secured as it used to be. Here is where HTTPS emerged.

Understanding HTTPS

HTTPS is the process through which the information sent between the server and the browser is encrypted. This protects the website’s information that you send between the browser and the webserver.

With the help of HTTPS, you can protect the users from hackers who steal information being sent to the website like the logins or credit card information.

The extra “S” in this case stands for SSL that is the short form of Secure Sockets Layer. If you can implement Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard on your website. This SSL certificate can encrypt sensitive data on your website and establish a secure connection between your browser and the webserver this is the technology that is used for encrypting your website’s connection so that the hackers are unable to seize any data.

Perks of Switching to HTTPS

Switch to HTTPS

Here are some major reasons that will tell you why your sites should switch to HTTPs.
• Enhanced Google Rankings – A majority say about 40 percent of the of the sites on the first page of Google are HTTPs which is expected as Google has confirmed that they prefer the HTTPs sites. So, if you don’t have a secured site it can be easily outranked by a similar site.

• Improved Security for Your Site – Security is one of the foremost criteria that HTTPS provides. The websites in banking or ecommerce that deal with private information on a daily basis cannot afford to be attacked or information mishandling. With the HTTPs you will be able to maintain a great reputation by protecting the information which is of utmost significance for any online business that handles crucial personal information.

• Updated Browser Labels – Google is updating the labelling of HTTP sites in the URL bar of Chrome as part of their agenda of achieving a more secured web. Presently the HTTP sites are usually marked with a grey information symbol that signifies that the site is not secure and so click with caution or do not click. In fact, Google is also thinking of emerging with a “Not Secure” label that can be displayed in plain site rather than after the information is clicked. Google will be marking the HTTP sites with a “Not Secure” label in red on a red triangle. Such a sign means your site is not secured completely. But users do not usually understand that, and they are likely to feel uneasy when they see such a label on a site.

• Enhanced Referral Data – Last but not the least, the referral data of the HTTP sites are blocked in Google analytics. If you are viral on a HTTPS site and yours is a HTTP site, the referral data can be lost completely and the traffic from the secured site will end up under the direct traffic which is not going to help you much in any way. On the contrary, if someone is moving from one HTTPS site to another one, the referral will be transferred easily.

The above are some of the powerful reasons why the professionals of reputed web development company always recommend that websites should switch to HTTPS so that they can make the most of what the internet has to offer and gain maximum conversions for their business online.


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