3 car garage concepts that are more than just parking spaces


A car garage is a sheltered place indoors that gets used for parking cars, and a parking space is a place outside designated for parking cars. The difference between the two is that a garage is a building that can store cars and car tools, whereas parking is an action of the verb to park.

A three-car garage in terms of spacing can accommodate more cars than just parking, whereby only a few can be parked there. This concept of spacing encourages most people when building a house to consider three-car garages.

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The spaces inside a three-car garage can also get used for other purposes like stores for lawnmowers, golf carts, and even bicycles and children’s toys. It makes good use of the house and proper planning of the house thus no more congestion in the main store and living place. It helps you save much, whereas others pay for storage bills, thus become cost-effective for your life as a family.

Security concept. It helps so much that is your car is well secured since it is under the roof and inside a building where you can always lock it after you have parked the car. It is more secure than a car parked outside, whereby it’s prone to all kinds of risk in terms of even children when playing outside can break the windscreens. It helps mainly on flying debris which can cause dents, scratches .it also help to protect the vehicle against potential theft or even burglary. Also, exposing your car to the sun and other weather inclement causes your vehicle to look dull, decreasing your car’s price.

A 3 car garage also offers a kind of privacy in a situation whereby no one can know whether you are in the house or not for instance, if people know your car and that marks your availability; thus, since the vehicle is inside, no one can see whether you are in or not

It also offers protection to your car in terms of being rained on or even getting dust. It gets done by being inside a roofed building, thus acting on a way out of these.

It also gives a concept of a resale value in the instance you want to sell the property. It helps you to foresee what can happen tomorrow if you have to sell the property. If you have a three-car garage N/A inside the building, this gives you are property a good resale value and quickly attracting more buyers

A 3 car garage utilizes the space more robust as compared to other means of parking. You might build parking for a house, but later cars increase and find it hard to improve the parking becomes complicated, but you will not worry if you buy more vehicles since you utilized the space well and created enough distance. Also, if you have more equipment, there will be more than enough space to store the tools.

It also brings out the concept of entertainment. For instance, you function inside your home and worry about the space to accommodate the visitors. You can pull the vehicles out of the garage for the tables and chairs and turn the garage into a place to hold your events. It can also act as a kitchen and storag3 for freezers and refrigerators .also if no space inside the house, you can turn out as an office to carry out various projects that are already in process.

Parking your car in a garage gives you the concept of protecting yourself as an individual. It gets achieved since you can’t get rained as you get your car to leave or leave your car to the house.

Workplace and practice room concept. The garage can be a workplace and more practice place for the children, like playing instruments. Carpenters can use the same site once you have any wood construction or any other kind of construction that needs space.

It can also get used for gym services. Whereby various gym activities can get conducted here, and even gym equipment can be stored here. It can also be sporting activities such as pool tables and table tennis for the family to feel at home and enjoy.

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