Why Are Real Black Diamonds Hard to Find?

A girl’s best friend is a diamond. But what about the other option? Black diamonds are a fantastic choice for anybody who wishes to seem sleek and stylish. Other jewelry styles cannot compete with these jewels’ dark, natural beauty.

Black diamonds have evolved from auxiliary appearances to leading ones. They’re even competing for the role of centerpiece stone in wedding bands! However, it is worthwhile to look past their unusual appearance to understand more about this riddle. The study of the origins of color in black diamonds is still in its early stages.

Nowadays, most naturally colored black diamonds are colored by significant amounts or swarms of minuscule particle specks such as graphite, pyrite, or hematite that stretch through the stone.

What Is Black Diamond?

Consider a black diamond if you want a one-of-a-kind stone with the toughness and radiance of a colorless diamond, primarily black diamond bracelets!

A black diamond can be a deep-colored fancy diamond or a carbonado, an opaque, porous diamond resembling charcoal. A translucent gemstone usually comes to mind when you think of a diamond. Diamonds, on the other hand, come in a variety of different shades, particularly black. There are several different types of stones known as black diamonds.

These diamonds may also have multiple schisms or fissures that are tinted black or have become black due to graphitization. The densities of these intrinsic features cause the hue.

Types of Black Diamonds

Can diamonds be black? Yes, the truth is that there are three kinds of black diamonds, and often with them, three types of black diamond valuations: natural black diamonds, also known as fancy black diamonds, and Carbonados, manufactured black diamonds and treated black diamonds, that are the items most users connect to when looking for black diamonds, even if they are blissfully ignorant of it. We’ll go through the contrasts between the forms:

1.   Natural Occurring Diamonds

Natural black diamonds aren’t the same as other colored diamonds. A black diamond is an unrefined kind of polycrystalline diamond formed of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon, according to the “dry” explanation. Not precisely clear or pure.

However, while “regular” natural-colored diamonds get their color from residues tethered to them throughout the formation phase, black gems are equivalent to white diamonds in that they exhibit an exceptionally massive concentration of inclusions, concentric spheres of graphite inside of them to the point where they pop up as black.

2.   Processed Black Diamonds

Treated black diamonds are ordinary white gems typically exceedingly poor in worth because of their significant impurity content. As they contain so many impurities, they can only be utilized as commercial grade diamonds as white diamonds with treatments like radiation or thermal.

Sometimes, “translucent processed black diamonds” or simply “black colored diamonds” is a more appropriate moniker for these gems. Because “totally worthless” white diamonds are utilized to create this black diamond, it is the lowest sort of black diamond.

3.   Synthetic/Man-Made Diamonds

For better expression, these diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory and are not genuine diamonds. Because of the technology and costs involved in making them, these stones are more costly than treated diamonds.

Although there is no demand for lab-grown black diamonds, there is a marketplace for more vibrantly colored stones due to cheaper costs. As the advancement of technology becomes more inexpensive, lab-created diamonds may become a wise option for most.

Why are Black Diamonds Super Unique?

Diamonds are sometimes exposed to elements or minerals that change their color as they form naturally in the earth over millions of years. A diamond can be black if it has many black mineral specks, such as hematite, graphite, or pyrite. Based on the number of mineral inclusions in an exquisite black diamond, it might seem brown, dark green, gray, or black.

1.   The Black Diamond’s Four Cs

Due to their unique traits, black gems cannot be classified using the 4Cs (diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat) the same way colorless diamonds might. Black diamonds can be classed for shape and have carat counts. However, typical hue and cut ratings are not applicable for black diamonds. Black diamonds can’t be assessed on the colorless diamond spectrum because they’re far outside. They can’t be evaluated on the colorless diamond purity degree since they’re naturally highly encompassed.

2.   Black Diamonds’ Exceptional Aesthetic Attraction

Black diamonds are noticeably different and aesthetically distinguishable among diamonds, and not simply because of their hue. White diamonds and many other exotic-colored diamonds are dazzling, adding luster and spark to the gem. Black diamonds, on the other hand, are almost always entirely translucent. These black gems have a mesmerizing, glossy sheen rather than a specular reflection.

3.   Black Diamonds’ Demand and Pricing

Black diamonds, like other fancy-color diamonds, are exceptionally unique. Black diamonds are significantly more uncommon than colorless diamonds, which may dazzle you if you’re familiar with the rates of these gems—black diamonds are considerably less pricey than white diamonds.

4.   Cutting a Black Diamond

“Cutting a black diamond is not an easy task,” Mr. Gruosi adds. “If a white diamond takes an hour to cut, a black diamond takes five,” he says. As a result, the cutting characteristic for black diamonds is complex and challenging, making it rare in the market sector.

Do you know why black diamonds are less expensive than colorless diamonds? It’s just a matter of supply and demand. Diamond miners and jewelers charge extra for colorless diamonds because they are in higher demand.

Where to Buy Fancy Diamond Jewelry?

Black diamonds represent one of the most desirable and attractive colored diamonds. As the demand for atypical diamond jewelry has increased, so has the market for these stunning diamonds.

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Final Thoughts

Black diamonds are the most potent known material on the planet. As a result, classic diamonds may be utilized for a wide range of applications, including industrial cutting tools and electrical connections. This makes them an excellent investment for anybody wishing to commit long-term.

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