What’s the Average Auto Accident Settlement Amounts?

There are over 5 million car accidents and tens of thousands of deaths per year in the US

The chances of getting in a car accident are always increasing with the number of people on the road. The chances of being injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault are high as well. If it happens to you, you’ll need to find a car accident lawyer and file a lawsuit.

You may be wondering what to expect from this process. In this post, we’re going to talk about the average auto accident settlement and give you a few tips on how to maximize yours.

No matter how bad your injuries are, you need to be compensated for them. Keep reading and we’ll make sure your car accident case goes as smoothly as possible.

How Much Is the Average Auto Accident Settlement?

According to Martindale-Nolo, the average car accident settlement with injury between 2015-2020 was over $23,000. How much you’ll actually settle for depends on a variety of factors, however.

Settlement amounts are often based on medical bills, lost wages, pain, emotional suffering, and property damage. Minor accidents will get minor settlements, while major injuries are more likely to end in big settlements.

No matter the severity of your car accident injuries, hiring a lawyer is a must if you’re going to get a fair settlement.

How a Good Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

The most important thing that a car accident lawyer brings to the table is an understanding of the nuances of the law. If you get an experienced lawyer, like sweetlaw.com, they’ll be able to draw conclusions from past cases to determine how much you should settle for.

They’ll also be able to negotiate with the insurance companies, who are almost always trying to lowball you. Should your case end up going to court, they’ll represent you and fight for the highest possible settlement amount.

How to Ensure Your Car Accident Case Wins

If you take the right actions from the first moments after the accident, you’ll really enhance your chances of getting a good settlement. Before anything, you need to get full diagnostic testing to get a clear picture of your injuries.

Car accident injuries aren’t always obvious. You could suffer structural damage that doesn’t start to affect you for months. This is still the result of the car accident and you should be compensated for the damages, but you won’t if you don’t get immediately tested.

You also need to document the scene as best you can. If you and your lawyer can definitively prove the other driver’s negligence, you’ll be well on your way to a hefty settlement. 

With good legal counsel, a car accident case should settle out of court. Work with an experienced and reputable lawyer and you’ll get the settlement you deserve for your injuries.

Putting Your Accident Behind You

When you get the right auto accident settlement that covers all of your expenses, you can start to put your accident behind you. The longer the process draws out, the more traumatic it can be. Find a good lawyer, follow due process, and get compensated.

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