How to Choose a Virtual Whiteboard for Online Teaching and Work A Guide


In 2019, over 7 million students enrolled in online or distance education courses. New ways of learning strategies come with digital classrooms. The right learning tools are essential in the collaboration of students and teachers.

Innovations like virtual whiteboards emerged as a new learning strategy. Are you looking for the perfect virtual whiteboard for online teaching? Keep reading to know what to look for here.

Online Learning and Online Teaching

Online learning is one of the newest methods of learning. Students learn in virtual environments or classrooms. This internet-based learning environment allows students to learn at their own pace.

There are over 900,000 high school teachers in the US. Online teaching allows them to work without the need to go to school. This setup is a more safe and flexible option in teaching classes.

A challenge that virtual learning poses is interactivity. What makes learning possible for some students is interacting with others. Another is the challenge for visual learners to grasp the lessons.

Digital literacy is another concern when it comes to digital learning. Both teachers and students can sometimes have trouble navigating the online class platforms. A solution to this issue is providing technical support by phone, email, or live chat.

Use of Online Whiteboard

Visualization is essential in getting the message or lesson across. A solution to this is the use of an online whiteboard. This solution takes the traditional chalkboard or whiteboard in the digital spaces.

Online work and online classes can enjoy this technology. An online whiteboard allows teachers to replicate the experience of a physical whiteboard. This feature makes the content of their lessons accessible to personal devices.

Online Whiteboard Features

Check the features before choosing an online whiteboard for work and teaching.

The first feature to look for is digital sticky notes. This feature is a great way to share ideas or add comments during discussions. You also get to track concepts by using different colors.

Another feature to look out for is its ability to save content. You can keep your ideas and track progress with this feature. You won’t have to erase your canvas to make room for more ideas.

Importing content is a great feature when looking for a virtual whiteboard. This feature allows you to add documents, images, and videos to your board. You can make your classes and presentations more appealing with this.

Drawing tools allow you to illustrate your ideas. You can also use highlighters, lines, and shapes to be creative. This feature makes virtual classes easier for visual learners.

Look for a virtual whiteboard for online teaching with comment features. This feature allows learners to ask questions and answer during recitations. You can also use this to go back to unanswered questions during the discussion.

Using a virtual whiteboard has many benefits. It caters to all types of learners. It also allows them to focus more on the lesson instead of worrying about their notes.

Use Virtual Whiteboard for Online Teaching Now

These are things to know about using a virtual whiteboard for online teaching. Be creative and use innovations like virtual whiteboards to make your classes more fun.

Follow this guide to make online classes more enjoyable and interactive.

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