What are the uses of an industry-leading multimeter?

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If you love home DIY projects, you must have different power tools in your garage or toolbox.

A multimeter is an underappreciated tool that you need to have among all the other devices. While a multimeter may look like a gizmo from afar, it is not, and the tool has multiple uses around the home.

But, what is a multimeter?

The industry leading multimeters enable you to measure voltage, resistance, continuity, and other electrical things in a circuit. If you conduct a lot of electrical work in your home, you must invest in a multimeter.

Here are some uses of a multimeter.

To test the batteries

As a homeowner, you might have different types of batteries lying around your home. However, when the time comes when you need one, most of the batteries lying around in your home do not work.

You can use a multimeter to know which batteries work. While testing, the display of a multimeter will show you the live voltage value, and if the value matches your battery output, then your batteries are working well. Standard AA and AAA batteries function at 1.5 volts, but the reading is much lower than that.

To check the extension cords

If you set up your television or a home theatre, you might need an extension cord. Before trusting the old extension cord, you can use your multimeter to check the continuity from the extension cord. By using the prongs of the multimeter, you can determine which socket in the multimeter is functioning.

It helps to identify the lousy light bulbs

Like everyone else, you must have a big box of bulbs lying, wherein most of them are non-functional. You can use a multimeter to determine which bulb is functioning without having to screw each bulb in the holder.

It would be best to put your multimeter in continuity mode to test the bulb. Using the black prong, touch the metal on the side of the bulb, and with the red prong, touch the bulb’s bottom end. The multimeter will make a beeping sound if the bulb’s circuit is functioning.

To check the switches at home

At times the wiring of your light fixtures can get loose. There are times when you switch on the lights, and the bulb will not turn on. You can check the bulbs by putting them on another socket. If they are not working, there is a hot wire in the switchboard.

Most switches have a metal sector on top or behind wherein the wiring is screwed, and the electricity passes through. You can use a multimeter to determine which of the wires is loose to fix them properly.

Knowing which wire is loose and tampering with the circuit saves you ample time and provides a clear-cut solution. Once you have found the bad switch in the whole panel, you can swap it with a new one.

So, these are some things that you will be able to do after buying multimeters. Such features will not only help you around the house, but when you plan to undertake significant remodeling and electrical work, you will realize the true potential of a multimeter.

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