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Japan is a home to a lot of auction houses which are not only reliable to import from but also houses leading brands of Japanese vehicles such as Honda, Mazda, Isuzu, Toyota, Subaru, Suzuki and Mitsubishi among others.
People in Japan are usually change lovers and welcome new things. They switch to different cars every 2-3 years. That is why the demand of export cars from Japan has peaked in recent times. The used Japan auction deal in all these high end vehicles at very cheap prices.
In this article we have compiled a list of top Japanese auction houses that are notable for used cars:

USS Auction House

USS stands for Used Car System Solutions is an auction house which is easily the largest. The market share attributes to around 30%. USS auctions are held on a daily basis all over Japan. The process of having to take the vehicle to the auction site and from there on devising contracts is a seamless one.

You have the option to participate in the USS auction through three modes; via on-site, satellite and over the internet. Whatever suits you, a person can opt from that method and participate in the live bidding to secure their dream car.

AUCNET Auction

Through AUCNET buyers and sellers are linked with the wholesale market nationwide. To create a real time environment, video images are delivered through videodisk or satellite and accompanied with inspector’s opinion.

That is how an objective character based data analysis is carried for different vehicles. The computers and other telecommunication channels are brilliantly employed. With AUCNET you have the ability bid and participate without actually having the need to visit the auction house yourself.

There is another auction house by the name of TAA (which we will come to shortly) and its grading system is strict as hell. So is that of AUCNET, if not the same. It has a network of approximately 7000 dealers and thus, has easily one of the largest network of auction houses spread across Japan than any of its rivals.

TAA Auction House

Full for Toyota Auto Auction is an auction house managed by Toyota and as you have may have guessed specializes in the sale/export of Toyota cars. Toyota is an esteemed brand and no wonder it lies among the top most auction houses of Japan.

In the year 1967, TAA was established at 3 locations but today it has 10 auction locations all across Japan. It has a huge volume of Toyota cars and stated earlier, follows strict grading guidelines when compared with other auction houses.

ARAI Auction House

ARAI Auto Auction which is also referred to as AAA is another highly sought after auction house which is customer oriented. The auction house has over 35000 registered members who are dealers and the vehicles which are traded in only a week amounts to 8000 units. Those are some mighty numbers!

The gravity of it can be understood from the fact that ARAI has four halls of auction situated in the Kanto region (area nearby Tokyo) and was the Japan’s only auction house entrant in the NAAA (National Auto Auction Association) which has its HQ in the US. ARAI has expanded and in the process have got other auction houses onboard with it as well.

BCN Auto Auction

BCN delivers 2500 used cars on a weekly basis to its customers. The auctions are held in the Saitama region. The BCN was launched in 2007 and the intent was to provide clear and easy environment for car trading. The auctions that BCN carries out are close to 3000 in a week.

Not only this, BCN has many network locations and keeps an estimated 10000 vehicles in stock on an average. Since both domestically and internationally, BCN Auto Auction is considered a top-quality auction and as a result, people generally plan on securing vehicles from BCN.

JAA Auction House

JAA full for Japanese Automobile Auction is relatively smaller sized auction house compared with the giants above, however, qualifies as a mid-size auction house and has 45000 vehicles at the disposal of its customers.

JAA conducts two popular auctions namely; JAA Tokyo and HAA Kobe. These are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the respective manner. Both these auctions are convenient to purchase from as well as the services offered are unparalleled. HAA Kobe, in particular is known for its arsenal of outstanding foreign cars.


It was previously known as Osaka Nanko Auto Auction. The auction house is the first of its kind, meaning which started the whole internet based automobile auction trend. Yes and its name was BAYAUC. The auction takes place every Wednesday and on average 3000 cars are put for auction.

A total of 8500 car companies gather around to auction at BAYAUC. Auction hall is enormous in size and multilevel car parking is offered to the attendees. The auction hall maybe old but is renowned for its reliability and security.

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