Top 9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Best Male Friend


Friendships are an important aspect of our lives. It is necessary to select a present that will bring a smile to your friend’s face while also making them feel appreciated.

They need to know how much you care about them. But, selecting a gift for a specific individual might be difficult sometimes, especially when he is a male friend. If you are confused, keep reading the article to know the top 9 tips to pick the best gift for your best male friend.

Get Something that Interests Him

Since you are picking something for your best friend, you need to know of his interests. Giving your guy friend something that might help him with his hobby most probably will be a safe choice. Your friend will warmly receive this gift. Giving something he likes will show that you spend some thought in choosing the gift for him. If you are not sure about your friend’s interests, a quick trip to his apartment or house might give you a clue.

Pick Something Amusing or Funny

If you are confused about what to pick, find something lighthearted or funny to give. You can pick memes gifts, novelty gifts, prank gifts, or comedy movies and stand-up recordings to give a good laugh. It will be hard for your friend to read too deeply into the gift when he is laughing his head off. Playoff of an inside joke or something that seems funny in a more general sense. The latter might be a little more impersonal, but make sure it will not give any wrong impression. So judge correctly while picking.

Select Something Functional

To please your guy friend with a sure-shot, choose something purely functional. It will help steer well clear of awkward misunderstandings too, as something useful might not necessarily mean very intimate or “warm”.

If your guy friend likes to spend more time lifting weights at the gym, picking a pair of fingerless weight lifting gloves, a few weights for his home or even some gym shorts might be a good option. These types of gifts will show how much you admire his hobby. But make sure they are not the type to get offended or overly affectionate by the gift.

Pick Something He Can Share with Friends

You might show appreciation for your friend by giving something that he can share with his friends that might include you too. For instance, if your friend is in a band with some other buddies, you can give him a custom-designed T-shirt that contains his band’s name on it. Or, surprise him at his birthday party with a rhythm-based music game such as Guitar Hero. You all can play it and have quality time together.

Get Him a Gift that Goes with His Image

Give a gift to your male best friend that appeals to his sense of masculinity. Something that goes well with his image as a gentleman. It will be a fairly safe choice. Pick gifts like driving accessories, knives, watches, and so on to make your gift memorable. These types of gifts are suitable for both the young and the old. Buy accessories like ties, belt buckles, tools, wallets, shaving kits, etc. that will be appreciated.

Give Something Handmade

The most sincere gift you can ever give to your friend is something handmade. Give something that you have made from scratch. It will show how much you care about him. You can also save some cash in this way.

To make your gift an extra-meaningful one a few fun DIY gift ideas are given here:

  1. You can offer a handmade craft item such as a piece of furniture, laptop stand, skateboard, etc.
  2. Choose a piece of art you have created. It can be a drawing, painting, or sculpture.
  3. You might like to pick a handwoven pair of mittens or a knit hat to make a big impression.
  4. Homemade food, especially the non-perishables like brownies or cookies can be an appreciable gift as well.
  5. You can also write a song to express your friendship. 

Give a Gift Card

If you are in doubt, present him with a gift card. Let him decide for himself. Gift certificates and gift cards can be good choices to show your sincerity without giving any personalized item. Some people tend to prefer gift cards more than normal gifts. Statistically speaking, general-purpose gift cards are more appreciated among guys. These are very convenient to buy too.

Ask If You Are Confused

Guys are usually reluctant to tell people what they would like as a gift, especially for Christmas, birthdays, and so on. They are shy about asking others for things, while they simply might not care much about what they are getting. This can become frustrating when you are shopping for presents for your male friend. So make sure, you are asking your friend for details. Everyone secretly must have something on their wishlist even though they keep quiet about it, so start digging!

Gifts You Need to Avoid When Picking One

Some gifts might be too personal to present. To avoid any misunderstanding and awkward situation, make sure you are keeping the following things in your mind:

  1. Steer away from romantic gifts like flowers, cologne or personal fragrances, fancy chocolates or fine sweets, cuff links or other jewelry, provocative clothing, expensive accessories, and event tickets only for you and him.
  2. Try to be a little impersonal while picking the gift.
  3. Be crude or goofy in the card to avoid making your friend misunderstand your affection and friendly tenderness for something serious.
  4. Considering chipping in for a group gift can be a good idea when you are in any kind of doubt.

To Conclude

Choosing a gift can be difficult when you do not know your friend too closely. In this case, you just need to follow the tips above and surprise your best friend with lots of smiles while avoiding any kind of misunderstanding.

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