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Buying firewood is an economical way of keeping a place warm during winters. Also, it makes an incredible fire source for outdoor cooking or camping with friends. However, buying firewood is a challenging task in many ways. It is because not firewood types are the same. Apart from that, there are only a few authorized suppliers in Australia who can offer firewood that comes from sustainable sources.

Although one can start by typing ‘where to buy firewood near me’ on the Internet, not all the appeared suppliers can be trusted for high-quality firewood. Finding the best firewood becomes more challenging when a buyer is new to wood burning. How can the individual buy quality firewood?

The answer to the question depends on the purpose of buying firewood and the location of a buyer. Below are some tips on how to buy firewood in Australia:

Understand Firewood Types

As discussed earlier, there are multiple wood types to burn. They are different from each other in terms of burning ability and other properties. However, all of them fall under two major categories: Softwood and hardwood.

Softwood is a cost-effective type, but it does not burn for a long time. Apart from that, softwood does not produce large flames and may require to be re-initiated multiple times. On the other hand, hardwood is a better choice than softwood because it burns for many hours while creating large flames. Before deciding to make an order, a customer needs to understand both types of firewood.

Seasoned Or Unseasoned

People exploring the Internet in search of ‘firewood near me’ need to know that there are two types of hardwood, and they are seasoned and unseasoned. Green or freshly-cut wood is known as unseasoned wood. Such firewood is difficult to start and does not ensure that it will keep on burning for a long time. On the other hand, seasoned wood is dry wood that has been stored by the supplier for many months. Such firewood makes an excellent fuel source. Customers who do not have a place to store wood should go for seasoned firewood to use it immediately.

Learn Different Firewood Types 

Once a customer has decided to buy hardwood, the next step is to determine the type of wood. From redgum to ironbark and box, there are different types of wood with unique properties to buy as firewood. Apart from that, the best firewood suppliers also offer mixed eco-friendly firewood to purchase as firewood. A buyer needs to decide on the type of hardwood to buy after considering features of all wood types.

Contact A Licensed Supplier 

When one types ‘buy firewood near me’ on the Internet, there comes a list of many suppliers who claim to offer the best wood type to people who require it. However, not all of them are licensed to sell firewood. Here, a buyer needs to find a licensed supplier in Australia known for offering quality products to its customers. In addition, the supplier must have different types of firewood to choose one from them. This increases the chances of getting quality firewood.

Order Online 

Instead of visiting a firewood supplier and ordering a suitable wood type, a buyer can reach a licensed supplier who allows customers to order firewood online and delivers the product at their doorstep. Here, customers can choose their firewood type and ask the supplier to deliver the wood at home.


The tips mentioned above make it a lot easier for an individual to locate the best supplier, choose the right firewood type, order firewood, and get it at the doorstep to serve a purpose.

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