The Untold Truth of Milana Vayntrub: The Commercial Girl Lily from att

When we think about television personalities since people come from reality shows or sitcoms, the most decipherable TV face is lily from att. Lily became a popular TV mainstay for many years. According to the news, she started playing the character lily in 2013. Lily is now trending for getting abusive comments on her posts. But who is lily? Why won’t she show her full body in any commercials? All the answers you will get through this article. As the actress, Milana Vayntrub played the role of lily from att commercial and started her career in the commercials for years. With this character, she also played so many other characters. In 1995 she played the role of Tatiana in 3 episodes of ER in IMDb. She also played such small roles in several big shows such as Lizzie McGuire and Days of Our Lives.

One of her best recognizable roles — faint of Lily, that’s — perhaps that of Sloane Sandburg on This Is Us. However, she has also appeared in numerous comedy videos in favor of CollegeHumor. The Other credits comprise roles in films and TV shows like Klaus, The Clandestine, Californication, House of Lies, Other Space, Threads, All-Nighters, The Mad Ones, Mother’s Little Helpers, That Moment When, Dad and Die Hart.

# Early life and education:

Lily from att commercials or Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub is soviet born but American actress, activist, and comedian. She was born on 8th March 1987. She is the daughter of Mr. Jewish refugees, as she started her acting career as a youngster after immigrating to the US. Milana was born in Tashkent, USSR, and is Jewish. While she changed into years old, her mother and father immigrated to the U.S. as refugees to break out anti-Semitism, settle in West Hollywood. Milana began outperforming within Mattel Barbie classified ads at five years old, owed in element to her family’s monetary problems. She briefly joined Beverly Hills High School, however, dropped out behind her sophomore time, was given a GED, & went directly for earning a BA in Communication commencing the University of California, in San Diego. Milana studied improve pleasantry with the famous Upright Citizens Brigade

# Career:

Lily from att or Milana made her performing debut performing in 3 NBC episodes TV collection ER in the year 1995. She teamed up with Stevie Nelson to begin the humor channel Live in YouTube Prude Girls wherein they produced some shorts. Prude Girls came directly for being featured on the New Media Rockstars’ Top a hundred Channels countdown, also ranked at wide variety 93. She has few roles in movies and TV, such as Silicon Valley and Life Happens. She has additionally starred in numerous College Humor videos.

From 2013- 2016, Milana played a saleswoman called Lily Adams within a sequence of TV classified ads for AT&T.She lower back to the function in 2020. She additionally played Tina Shushing when a sequence normal at the Screen collection Other Space, and created via way of means of Paul Feig, 2015. In the subsequent year, the commercial girl lily from att regarded in Ghostbusters reboot along Other Space forged contributors Neil Casey, Bess Rous, Karan Soni, and Eugene Cordero. From 2016-2017, she appeared within the TV collection this Is Us, gambling Sloane Sandburg. In 2017, Milana changed into the lead function of the Marvel Comics superhero Squirrel Girl within the New Warriors TV pilot used for Freeform. However freeform in the end exceeded the collection that November, plus notwithstanding tries to transport the collection to every other network, it changed into in the end canceled. Despite the collection’s cancellation, she voiced the Squirrel Girl with Marvel Rising permission.

Moreover, in 2017, she starred within Eko interactive premiering TV collection That Moment while Jill. Milana starred in the movie Mother’s Little Helpers, 2019, which screened at South via way of the Southwest. In 2020, Comedy Central’s YouTube channel launched 3 sketches casting Akilah Hughes and Milana as an element of a brand new virtual caricature collection known as Making Fun With Akilah and Milana. She starred within the Quibi streaming TV collection Die Hart plus within the brief movie The Shabbos Goy seeing that Hannah, each launched in 2020.

# Filmography:

Though Milana was getting famous through lily from att she has acted in several films, television, and web and music videos.


Title year role
Life Happens 2011 Tanya
Junk 2012 Natasha
Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling 2015 warrior
Ghostbusters 2016 Subway Rat girl
Mother’s Little 2019 Lucy Pride
The Shabbos Goy 2020 Hannah
Werewolves Within 2021 Cecily



Title year role
ER 1995 Tatiana
Days of Our lives 1997 Young Kristen
Lizzie McGuire 2001–2002 Dancer
The Division 2004 Katerina Ominsky
The League 2012 Cute Girl
Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous 2013 Felcia
Food Network 2013 Video Caller
Key and Peele 2013 Vampire
House Of Lies 2014 Christy
Californication 2014 Bad Actress
Silicon Valley 2014 Tara
Other Space 2015 Tina Shukshin
Love 2016 Natalie
@midnight 2016-17 Herself
This Is Us 2016-17 Sloane Sandburg
The moment when 2017 Jill
Robot Chicken 2018 Dino Daughter
Marvel Rising 2018-19 Squirrel girl
New Warriors 2018 Squirrel girl
Die Hart 2020 Leah


Web and music videos:

Lily from att or Vayntrub also acted in various web series and music videos such as CollegeHumor Originals, Jake and Amir Present, daddy knows best and making fun with akilah and milana. And the music videos can’t be saved, hungry child and teenage tide.

# Activism:

In January in the year of 2016, after traveling Greece and assembling with refugee households fleeing the Syrian Civil War, the girl lily from att commercials co-based an internet site and social media motion referred to as Cannot Do Nothing to focus on the European refugee crisis.

# As a director and writer:

Vayntrub’s appearing abilities are apparent to absolutely everyone who has ever visible her in an AT&T industrial or whatever else she’s been in, however, what many do not know is that she additionally has a few different quite staggering competencies hidden up her sleeve, inclusive of her directing abilities. Vayntrub additionally has a handful of writing credit indexed on IMDb, along with numerous episodes for Robot Chicken and College humor Originals.

# In politics:

As if appearing, directing, and writing was not sufficient to maintain someone busy, Vayntrub has additionally been worried in a few political campaigns. Not simplest has lily from att highlighted a whole lot of political plus social troubles on the Instagram account inclusive of the Black Lives Matter motion and inspiring humans to vote with the aid of using mail, however, she additionally encouraged Democratic applicants Raphael Warnock plus Jon Ossoff in Senate runoff race of Georgia 2021. In the Instagram post, she additionally praised the paintings of flesh presser and protester Stacey Abrams, enlightening that Milana did a few paintings for Abrams whilst she ran for a ruler in Georgia

# The unknown truth:

Lily from at&t commercials won’t show her full body:

The actors as well as actresses who are big names in advertisements have a humorous manner of creating a sense that they may be near family, specifically while the identical man or woman sticks with an emblem for months or maybe years. Another familiar face from advertisements nowadays is Lily, who’s affectionately acknowledged as “The Girl lily at&t.” Lily is performed through Milana Vayntrub, who additionally directs the advertisements she stars in. also to her position as Lily, she has an extended listing of performing credit that encompasses roles on “House of Lies“,”This Is Us”, “Silicon Valley”, and “Californication”, and additionally starred in her personal sci-fi comedy collection named “Other Space”

Lily from at&t has a deal with lots of harassment:

Milana Vayntrub these days unfolded in the main manner, approximately an unexpected alternative that visitors will likely choose on the following time they see her: Lily will not display her complete frame. Many humans had been brief to observe that maximum of Vayntrub’s frame is hidden at the back of a counter in AT&T’s latest commercial, rather than preceding advertisements wherein her whole frame become seen at some point of the commercial, and that they desired to recognize why. She opted to deal with the questions head-on through Twitter. She was getting so many unwelcome comments. Unfortunately, plainly her clarification spurred greater harassment.

 What happened in August 2020?

Harassment has been a part of Vayntrub’s enjoyment in Hollywood at some point in her career; however, August 2020 became an especially brutal time. Populace searched via older commercials of Vayntrub’s and commenced leaving several degrading letters on authentic AT&T accounts. The business enterprise even issued their personal announcement in Vayntrub’s defense, note that they needed to the hotel to shutting down feedback absolutely on most of the movies that characteristic Lily from att.

Lily at&t responds to the harassment:

Even worse, that is infrequently the primary time Milana has confronted a bombardment of harassment with sexist statements about her body. She ended up captivating to Instagram to live stream approximately her experiences. Uproxx mentioned that she communal that the remarks she endures create her experience as though she’s individual sexually beaten Fans of her took to the social media to proportion their very own reactions to the several remarks which have been made approximately her figure. One person, diagnosed as Lu, advised Insider that a number of the faceless commenter’s have been hiding in the back of their screens

Supports from other celebrities:

Fortunately, different entertainers plus celebrities have popped in to guide her. Paul Feig, who’s a common co-super mega-celebrity and collaborator of Melissa McCarthy’s, issued a vehement declaration through Twitter again in August 2020. It additionally, seems that Vayntrub’s selection to live seated in the back of a table is right here to live, as lily AT&T’s March 17 business functions her within the identical function. Hopefully, social media structures will give you a device that protects humans from this form of everyday harassment, due to the fact as The Atlantic reports; there is regularly little someone in Vayntrub’s function can do in phrases of recourse.

Why she almost quit acting:

Milana or Lily from at&t commercials started her career as a child actress but at that time she was not sure that she will start her career in acting in the future. And fortunately, she became interested in acting after her fans changed her mind.


At last, we can say that Milana is not only a famous and popular actress but also a brave and humble person. She fights for her own respect and also does some great work for the refugees.

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