The Simple Contouring Trick That’ll Make Your Nose Look Smaller

To get a smaller and pointed looking sharp nose is the wish of every single girl. To begin with, here we have the simple Nose Contouring trick that will make your nose look smaller.

To get a smaller and pointed looking sharp nose is the wish of every single girl. To begin with, here we have the simple Nose Contouring trick that will make your nose look smaller.

If you do have a big nose, then there are certain contouring tricks and measures which you can easily follow. However, a simple nose makeup contouring job will not change the entire look and shape of your nose.

But it will at least bring a promising and noticeable difference in your nose shape. How to make your nose look smaller? For this, your nose can absolutely look smaller if you are going to expertly wield and make the perfect use of brushes and also makeup blenders.

Moreover, it is all due to the courtesy of contouring as well as the courtesy of highlighting that a big and less defined nose shape can turn out to be smaller and better defined in shape.

Step 1: Prep & Make Your Face Ready for the Contouring Job
Firstly, the first step is to prep your face. In addition, you have to apply foundation and concealer on your face before you start to perform this contouring job on your nose.

Step 2: Adding a Concealer on Your Nose to Make it First Thin Looking
Furthermore, you have to first thin your nose. You can do that applying concealer on it. Pick up the concealer which is two shades lighter than that of your skin tone. Apply it on the side zones of your nose.

Moreover, if you want to use a creamy concealer, you can do that as well. It is also important for you to apply the concealer completely up to the nostrils. And also along the bridge section of your nose.

This way, you can straighten up the bridge part of your nose. Even more, those of who have flatter nose shapes. They can lift their nose shading by applying the same concealer completely down the center zone of their nose bridge.

Thus, only add up and apply two lines of concealer along the bridge of your nose so that you can further shape it and make it thin as well.

Step 3: Highlighting Your Nose to Further Shape it & Make it Look Smaller
Most probably, it is this highlighting part which shall make your nose further smaller looking. By using a bright highlighter, you can reshape your nose in an excellent way. Besides, you can make use of a creamy highlighter.

Make sure to avoid applying an extremely shimmery highlighter. Most certainly, you have to apply the highlighter in the form of a straight line and make sure to take this line directly down the center part of your nose.

Do the blending by using your fingertips. It is suggested to use a longer highlighter which comes in a shaping stick form.

Such a shaping stick longer highlighter performs this Nose Contouring job in the best way.

This kind of highlighter will always give you an ideal amount of shine and illumination on your nose. Moreover, pick up the shade which suits and matches your skin tone.

Step 4: Blend Concealer & Highlighter & Set Your Nose with a Face Powder
Once you finishing applying the concealer and highlighter products. Then you have to blend everything collectively and together.

Most importantly, use a mini beauty blender to perform this blending job. Start to blend the lighter products first of all by making use of the rounded bottom part of that beauty blender.

And then you can blend the darker products by using the pointed top section of the blender. Finally, after the blending job, do set your nose with the help of face powder.

Step 5: Contouring!
Get a cream contour color for yourself. Do pick up the perfect shade as well. There are lots of concealing and contour kits available in the market.

Buy the high-quality option always! Moreover, you can also create a custom color by blending and mixing multiple numbers of hues together.

o give further and extensive coverage to your nose, the palette can help you a lot. Take a thin brush and dip it into your contour color. Furthermore, you have to paint and draw a line on either side sections of your nose.

In addition to, the closer together you are going to draw the lines. Eventually, thinner your nose will come out to be.

Avoid leaving any of the spaces between your two painted lines. Finally, after painting and drawing two lines, you are now ready to blend them by using foundation blender.

Always blend and bounce the lines in an outward position. Besides, you can use a soft sponge in order to give your contouring job a soft look.

Step 6: Set the Entire Look with Powder
One should use a light contour shade or go with the option of using and applying an ashy brown eye shadow on your nose. Most importantly, you have to set this whole nose makeup look with powder.

By using a loose setting face powder, you can keep the application of highlighter, concealer and contour in place. Finally, your contouring job is all done. Apart from contouring your nose.

You can also contour your cheeks and temples. This way your overall face will get a finished contoured look.

To summarize, this is one of the simplest contouring tricks which can make your nose look extremely smaller and best in shape.

Though your nose will not look ultra-natural. Still, it will look great in shape. Moreover, just focus on the contouring and blending part.

There is really a fine and delicate line with respect to knowing whether you have properly blended and contoured your nose or not!

So, try to learn about this contouring trick as much harder as you can. Lastly, do share with us whether you have ever contoured your nose and how was your experience!

How many numbers of times your contouring job comes out as a success and how many times you got failed in it.


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