Technology Revolution for Meeting Planners

Revolution in technology has been changing the existing methods and strategies of the business. Whenever new technology came into the market, the old ways of business with previous technology had vanished.

Revolution in technology has been changing the existing methods and strategies of the business. Whenever new technology came into the market, the old ways of business with previous technology had vanished. Peoples start to use new technology for better benefits and results. The technology overcomes into every field of life. Such as the modification came into the agriculture field, technology plays a key role in the sector of education and health. Society and personal lifestyle also have affected.

The technology tools with effective business strategy became the reason for a successful business. The successful event, trade show, and the meeting are very necessary for business identity. Business organization occurred the event to increase the company sales, brand identity, products, services and most of it for better customer relationship.

Microsoft worldwide research shows that approximately every business company spent six hours in meeting per week. Nearly, 70% of the people claimed that the meeting was inferior. The bad meeting result also causes the discouragement of an employee. Google sent round about 99 million listings for “bad meeting” inquiry. The bad meeting became the reason of money and time waste. Huffington articles stated that “Bad business meetings are making you dumb and stupid”.

Meetings became a very popular and powerful tool for any business, but it is much taken as misapprehended. But the innovation in technology resolves the many problems according to the meeting issues.

Chief Executive of the QualCare Alliance Network Annette Catino, said that:

“Give me the agenda or else I’m not going to sit on a seat until I don’t know why we’re in the meeting, then there’s no reason for the meeting.”

The reason for Meeting Failure

Business companies give their best in the meeting, but then why the bad meeting ratio is much high rather than the successful meetings. Because usually, they don’t use the technology tools in their meetings. So the first rule of the meeting is that the availability of iPad is a necessary factor for the meeting. Business companies should provide the iPad, and with an iPad Keyboard Case if possible, to each of their meeting employees, if they can’t afford it they could take iPad on rent from iPad Hire companies and fulfill their meeting needs.

Here is the list of technology tools for meeting planners

  • Virtual Reality
  • Never go Multitasking

Virtual Reality

The value of virtual reality has enormous. It is one of the biggest achievement of technology in the 21st century. The use of virtual reality in the meeting became the symbol of success. Virtual reality removes the barrier between distance and humanity. Now anyone can take participate in the business meeting from anywhere the world at any time while sitting at home chair. There is no better way to show your meeting peoples about what your company is and what the company is offering rather than telling them exhaustive stories.

But this technology is emerging and expensive, it could be out of the budget for small business. But if the meeting location is in London. Then you are a lucky person because you have available an alternative solution for your issue. You could hire the VR from VR hire companies. This step will lead you to a successful business meeting.

Never go Multitasking

Don’t ever try to go with multitasking in a business meeting. Research shows that multitasking makes us less efficient, also the reason for increasing the stress and waste of the time, and costs the global economy an estimated $450 billion every year. Harvard Business Review reports show that 40% of productivity and IQ level drops if we go with multitasking. Regarding the meeting, you should complete your all work before the meeting for successful and fruitful results.


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