How to Pick A Vacuum Cleaner for Your Floor

Vacuum cleaner have come a long way in recent years. Now there is such a wide variety flooding the market it can be difficult to choose the right vacuum for your needs and home

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way in recent years. Now there is such a wide variety flooding the market it can be difficult to choose the right vacuum for your needs and home. WIth many brands available, it is really tough to decide between Kirby vs Rainbow. Below we have outlined the different types of modern vacuums and how each can meet your personal needs.

Stick Vacuums

sticl vaccum How to Pick A Vacuum Cleaner for Your Floor

These are compact, lightweight and easy to move around any area. Being easy to manoeuvre they are great for a quick vacuum before your guests arrive or picking up small messes around your home. They are effective for picking up pet hair which makes them quite popular for domestic locations. Most come with a rechargeable battery which negates the need for cords and the common problem of being too far from the powerpoint to finish the job.

Barrel Vacuums

The barrel, or cylinder vacuum is compact and great for smaller homes. They are compact and a great vacuum for any job at hand. They can clean up small messes as well as give your small area of carpet an intensive clean. They can be used on almost all surfaces, including stairs, carpets and hard floors as they are easy to lift with their lightweight design. They are preferred over upright vacuum cleaners for this reason. They can have different capacities depending on your home. Hey generally come in small, medium and large sizes.

In comparison to stick vacuums, the barrel vacuum is not as easy to manoeuvre as the stick vacuum. On the other hand, they are plugged into the wall and do not use a rechargeable battery pack so they will not die during a vacuum. They are more suited to an extensive clean of your home.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuum cleaners have a very specific use. They can not be used for general, everyday vacuuming of the living areas, but are more suited to spot cleaning. They are great to clean furniture and the interior of the car. You will not be using a handheld vacuum for larger areas, and their battery capacity is not very large. Some are even able to vacuum up liquid spills as well as dry messes. An angled head is preferable as it can easily manoeuvre around furniture and other items around the home.

Upright Vacuum

The upright vacuum is the most traditional version of the vacuum cleaner. It is easier than the barrel vacuum as it negates the need to bend down. It often has an extendable handle that will comfortably reach your hands without bending. It is easy to manoeuvre around furniture and has a more powerful motor than most other versions.

Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum is automated and can vacuum your home without any intervention. Most even find their way back to the charging port when the battery is low so you can leave it on to vacuum while you are out during the day. They have a much smaller capacity in comparison to other vacuum cleaners on the market so they will not hold as much dirt. They are great for people with limited time, but otherwise, it is best to take the time to do it yourself.


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