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Why MBA from IIM the Most Preferred Choice of Graduates from IITs?

MBA from IIM the Most Preferred Choice of Graduates from IITs


In the last few years, the IIT-IIM combo has gained a lot of popularity among the engineering graduates. One of the reasons behind this choice is that at this stage in life when you are more thoughtful about your career, money plays an important role in deciding your path further. Also, it takes several years of experience to get a good job position if you are an engineering graduate. The main reasons why MBA from IIM has lately been the most preferred choice of graduates from IITs are detailed in the article.

Computer science graduates from IITs are more in demand by the big recruiters like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and many others. In today’s world where digital technology is rapidly advancing, engineers with a computer background are in high demand. This also means engineers from the computer discipline will secure high paid jobs. But on the contrary, other streams of engineering have low demand and not getting a good payment option to think of pursuing an MBA for promotion.

After graduating from IITs, engineers either start working in that field or continue their studies further. In recent times, the MBA has been preferred over M.Tech or MS. Once you have good knowledge in the engineering discipline of your choice, exploring the business domain is the interest of many.

To secure a high paying job after graduating from IIT is not so easy. There is a separate salary package for freshers that keeps increasing with the years of experience. Yet after having work experience the best job position, you can expect in the engineering field is of a manager. Comparatively, after pursuing an MBA you stand high chances of starting at the post of a manager.

Similar to the position of IITs in the engineering category is the position of IIMs in the management category. IIMs have been ranked as the institutions of national importance and topped the ranks provided by the well-known ranking forums like NIRF because of their placement records, specialized faculty, teaching methods and the response received from students.

Graduates from IITs are directly linked with IIMs because they have proved their abilities through the JEE Main result that helped them get into the IITs. This means it would be easier for them to understand the concepts required for appearing in MBA entrance examinations like CAT. Due to their competency, it would be comparatively convenient for them to pass MBA entrance examinations with good scores and securing a place in the IIMs.

Students who have graduated with an engineering degree tend to have good business ideas or developed products that could be profitable commercially. To convert their ideas into business there is a requirement of skills and aptitude that is fulfilled by an MBA degree.

Pursuing an MBA is a stimulant for a transition in job roles for engineering graduates. Many people are unaware of why IITians end up in IIMs and often question them about how a business degree would help a student with technical skills. But the above-mentioned reasons sum up why it has become a popular trend. Once you have made your mind regarding joining an IIM for an MBA program you must also decide whether you immediately want to do so or would prefer getting some work experience.

It is advisable to get some experience before joining an MBA program as it could get you an edge over the others. At the same time, it will build your confidence, communication skills and give you an outlook on the working of an industry. With the rapid growth of the industry, MBA from IIM is definitely a great opportunity to broaden your horizon in the field of management and combine it with your technical skills. After an MBA degree, you will realize that you are ready to serve an organization as a valuable asset and also give better productivity.

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